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The Challenge to Conviction, Purpose: You Can be The Singular Game Changer



By George Kimando

If there’s something the world today is seriously in deficit of, it’s men and women of conviction and purpose whose stand on matters virtue and vice are as unadulterated as they are uncompromised.

In a world so inundated with mass hypnosis via media, religion, politics, cultural orientations and many other massive mind chaperoning platforms – which drives the world towards perversion and moral decadence in the name of freedom of choice, democracy and liberty – standing out for what is essentially right and true is increasingly becoming the oddity of our times.

We have been mind tuned to look at ourselves through the eyes of others, and to conform to ‘the norm’, a collective Armageddon which no one can sensibly explain away.

So we have normalized corruption, promiscuity, cheating in marriage/ relationships, backstabbing in our politics, outright lying, gossip…all those vices.

After all, everybody is doing it, right?

“All others cannot be wrong, and you the only one who is right!”

How many times have those words stopped you on the right trajectory only to realize that you joined the majority wrong?

Reminds me of the Galileo Galilei story.

Galileo Galilei discovered that the world is a sphere, not flat as was believed then, complete with the Church affirming it.

His insistence on this empirical truth earned him a life sentence by the then Church/State. He died in prison with this truth that we today acknowledge. It took centuries for a later day Pope to apologize post humously for the gross lack of judgement and tolerance.

Galileo was right, singularly. And the entire world, blinded by religion and ‘we always knew it this way’ attitude, was wrong, collectively.

How many ideas that could have changed the world and whole societies been killed by that singular mindset, that you alone cannot be right and all the rest wrong?

Let me tell you something. The people who made the biggest breakthroughs in the world had no one but themselves – and God – to trust and keep believing in. When all the rest were held by collective ignorance and the comfort of misinformed numbers (we can’t all be wrong!), the single souls kept going, fired by their firm belief in their conviction and purpose.

It’s only when they did it that ‘all the rest’ joined in the bandwagon of the oohs and aahs of the breakthrough.

Yes, you alone can be right on something, and all the rest be wrong. It’s the way to great discoveries, spectacular breakthroughs and world changing ideas.

Same thing with matters Faith.

It all comes down to looking at yourself through the eyes of God. Whatever anyone else sees in you must not override your conviction and purpose as you see in yourself through the eyes of God, starting with the day to day living in our simple routine lives.

It could be fidelity to your spouse/partner, commitment to your calling (family, business, ministry, etc), deliberate living against vice (gossip, malice, vengeance, envy, jealousy, conniving, collusion, scheming, etc)…all the virtues, even when the world has normalized the otherwise.

Reminds me of a story i have shared here before on a discussion we once had with the late Archbishop Ndingi mwana Nzeki on matters family planning and the Church stand. His stand was the clincher which perhaps sums up todays reflection:

“Right is right is right, even if no one does it. Wrong is wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it”.

Have a singularly right reflective Sunday (even if no one else does it), and a great week ahead.

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