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The Greek Food Festival is back!!




The second annual Greek food festival is upon us and it is not to be missed! Held at the SOKO restaurant at the DusitD2 Nairobi, the festival pays homage to Greek culture.

On offer are an array of fantastic Greek dishes including shrimps saganaki, fava beans with caper leaves, traditional Greek salad, traditional ‘moussaka’, chicken stew with ‘tarhana’, traditional Greek ‘Galaktobouriko’, just to name a few.

A favourite of mine would have to be the fava beans whose addition of caper leaves adds a unique acidity that only brings out the different flavours in the dish. And for one of the most comforting meals, it would have to be Moussaka – a traditional Greek dish that tantalises your tastebuds and will warm you to your core.

And it’s not just the food that will transport you to the sunny islands of Greece. Guests will also have a selection of wines to choose from as well as the traditional and popular Greek drink Ouzo.

The extraordinary food is brought to you by the two very talented executive Chefs (both named George) – Chef Giorgio Papadopoulos and Chef George Dospras flown in specially by the official sponsor Qatar Airways.

Chef Giorgios is an experienced chef, having worked for 25 years for a number of brands such as Excelsior Hotel Thessaloniki, Semeli Mountain Resort, Sani Beach Hotel, Kempinski Hotel, Macedonia, Bristol Hotel, the Domotel brand where he was Executive chef for all seven hotels.

He is currently the Executive Chef at the Five Star Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Greece. Accompanying him is Assistant and Chef, George Dospras who has 16 years’ experience and has working at a variety of hotels such as the Semeli Mountain Hotel, Lindian Village Resort, Excelsior Hotel, Chromata Up- Style Hotel, Katikies Hotel and is now working alongside Chef Papadopoulos at the Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel in Greece.

While the food is definitely the main attraction, you will be captivated by the very charming and very talented Angelos Christopoulos, who will serenade you with live traditional music. Be ready to take part because there will be numerous chants of “Opa” as the night goes on.

But as we were warned – it may be a Greek festival, but there will be no breaking of plates…..this time at least!

Feast like a Greek for a week at the SOKO Restaurant at only KES 2,500 for a buffet dinner inclusive of a shot of ouzo from 6.30pm-10.30pm.