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The Importance of using Impact Indicators



There is very little more frustrating for a consumer than waiting for days to receive a parcel only to find the item doesn’t work as it should.

This is the start of a time consuming and often annoying process which hopefully ends in the item being replaced.

However, what the average consumer doesn’t appreciate is that this process can be just as frustrating for the manufacturer / supplier.

If a supplier has dispatched a product in good condition and it arrives not working then they will need to make an insurance claim. The insurance firm will need to decide if it was an issue with the product in which case they won’t pay out. Or, it could have been caused during the delivery process in which case the courier firm should cover the cost of postage and replacing the item.

It can be very difficult to prove who was at fault.

This is why it is so important to use impact indicators.

What Is An Impact Indicator?

If you take a look at the products have to offer, you’ll quickly understand what an impact indicator does.

In short it is strapped to the parcel and will register if the parcel receives an impact, is exposed to temperatures outside a prescribed range or even if the box is held at the wrong angle.

This indicator will allow the customer to reject the parcel without opening it; confirming to the supplier that the courier company was at fault. This dramatically reduces the hassle associated with recuperating the money.

The Importance of Impact Indicators

There are several reasons why every supplier should use these:

  • Good faith for the customer

If the customer sees a parcel arrive with an impact indicator they know that the supplier is doing their best to get the product to them in the best possible condition. This is reassuring and will quickly boot the reputation of the supplier; potentially increasing future sales.

Because it is easy to pinpoint when and how the damage occurred it is much easier for a supplier to reclaim their funds. The reduction in time sent handling these issues will allow for more time marketing and improving the product.

It will also ensure the company is not unnecessarily out of pocket financially.

  • Encourages good handling by courier

The mere fact that there is an impact indicator on the parcel will tell the courier service to handle it with care. They will not want to be found liable for damaging it in transit.

There improved approach to handling will increase the chances of the product arriving with you safely. Considering the cost of some of the latest gadgets, such as the latest iPhone; this is an important part of getting you your new ‘toy’ on time and fully working.

Impact indicators may not provide the answer to every shipping issue, but they can help to track a product and ensure it reaches you in the best possible condition; that in itself is a good reason to use them.


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