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The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday November 20)



A look at the leading headlines from select sources today.

Trump says he declined to listen to recording of ‘vicious’ Khashoggi killing

President Donald Trump said he declined to listen to a recording that captured part of the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, calling it “a suffering tape” and “terrible.”

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn arrested over ‘significant’ financial misconduct

Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn, one of the auto industry’s most high-profile executives, has been arrested by prosecutors in Japan after an internal investigation revealed “significant acts of misconduct” over many years by him and another top executive.

Lion Air: Some are looking where to place the blame, others wonder if their pilot can fly their plane

The passengers on the Lion Air 610 flight were on board one of Boeing’s newest, most-advanced planes. The pilots were more than experienced and the weather conditions not an issue. So what caused that plane to crash just 13 minutes after takeoff?

‘Make America Rake Again’: Confusion in Finland over Trump’s wildfire comments

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said in an interview published Sunday that although President Donald Trump claimed the European leader told him Finns rarely have forest fires because they “spend a lot of time raking,” he doesn’t recall discussing that with Trump when they met last weekend in Paris.

Chinese writer sentenced to 10 years in prison for homoerotic book

A Chinese novelist has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for writing and distributing homoerotic novels, provoking widespread debate online over the severity of her sentence.

NASA starts building new supersonic jet

(CNN) – NASA’s mission to revolutionize air travel has taken a significant step forward as the space agency starts building its X-59 QueSST supersonic jet. The X-59 airplane is dubbed by some as “the son of Concorde” and is being manufactured, on behalf of NASA, by security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin.

Chinese-language ‘Oscars’ overshadowed by political controversy

An award acceptance speech by a young Taiwanese filmmaker has stirred passionate reactions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, pitting some of the region’s leading entertainment and political figures against each other just a week before an important election on the self-ruled island.

Malaria on the rise in more than 13 countries, experts warn

After almost two decades of decline, malaria cases have risen in at least 13 countries in Africa and South America, raising concern that much more is needed to combat the epidemic.

Argentine submarine found a year after it vanished with 44 aboard

A missing Argentine naval submarine has been found, a year and a day after it vanished in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board, authorities said Saturday.

Nissan plans to oust Ghosn over ‘misconduct’

Japanese car giant Nissan has proposed removing chairman Carlos Ghosn from his post over financial misconduct claims. The firm said it had been conducting an internal investigation for several months which showed Mr Ghosn had been under-reporting his pay. “Numerous other significant acts of misconduct” including “personal use of company assets”, were also found.

Netanyahu survives early poll threat

Israel’s government appears to have survived a possible collapse after a key partner withdrew a threat to leave the coalition and force snap elections. Naftali Bennett, of the Jewish Home party, had signalled he would quit, but announced on Monday he would stay on.

Stolen Picasso found in forest a ‘hoax’

What was thought to be a stolen artwork by Pablo Picasso recently discovered in Romania has been revealed as a forgery. Experts had hoped that the painting was Harlequin Head, snatched from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam in an infamous art heist six years ago.

Peanut allergy treatment ‘in sight’

Peanut allergy can be beaten with a treatment that slowly builds up tolerance, a large study shows. None of nearly 500 four- to 17-year-olds from the US and Europe could tolerate even a 10th of a peanut dose. But after taking tiny daily doses for a year, two-thirds could tolerate at least two whole peanuts.

The remote UK community living off-grid

Accessible only by boat or a five-mile walk, the residents of Scoraig live in relative isolation, partly powering their homes and school with wind power. Among the inhabitants are crofters with cattle and sheep, a violin maker, a Russian translator, volunteers and a part-time postal worker.

London water cannon sold at £300k loss

Three water cannon bought and refurbished for more than £320,000 while Boris Johnson was London Mayor have been sold for £11,000. The vehicles were bought by Mr Johnson as crowd-control weapons following the 2011 riots. They were sold for £11,025 to Nottinghamshire-based Reclamations (Ollerton) Ltd who will dismantle them and export the parts.

White House Vows To Suspend Acosta’s Press Pass Again Once Judge’s Order Expires: CNN

White House officials have reportedly made it clear to CNN’s Jim Acosta that the court-mandated temporary restoration of his press pass will be just that: temporary. CNN reported on Sunday night that the White House had sent a letter to Acosta stating his press pass would be suspended again once the restraining order that required them to reinstate his credentials expires at the end of the month.

Khashoggi’s Body Parts May Have Been Transported Via Luggage, Says Turkish Official

The dismembered body of journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been transported out of Turkey in luggage, according to the Turkish defense minister. Khashoggi, a Washington Post journalist and resident of the U.S., was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last month.

12 Things You Should Never Do When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

Meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time can be intimidating. It’s a major step in the relationship, with potentially a lot riding on it. “A first impression can be a lasting impression,” marriage and family therapist Danny Gibson told HuffPost.

Trump’s Old Feud With Smokey Bear Comes Back To Burn Him

Yet another old tweet by President Donald Trump is coming back to haunt him. As Trump comes under fire for a series of ignorant statements he made about the devastating wildfires in California, an old tweet went viral again.

‘We Are Smarter Than That’: Finns Hilariously Mock Trump’s ‘Raking’ Solution

Finns have taken President Donald Trump to task over his wild assertion that their “forest nation” avoids deadly blazes by spending ” a lot of time on raking and cleaning.” “You’ve got to take care of the floors.

Apple’s Tim Cook warns regulation is coming for the tech industry

This year has been horrendous for Silicon Valley’s public image. With a litany of issues like data misuse and political interference laid bare within the last 12 months, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Axios on HBO that government regulation of the tech industry is “inevitable.”

‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel is a series-low box office opening for the Harry Potter universe

J.K. Rowling’s big screen Wizarding World is hardly on death’s door, but Warner Bros. can’t be happy about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’s opening weekend. Sunday estimates point to a $62.2 million start for the newly released sequel, which hit theaters on Nov. 16. That’s low.

BBC crew interrupt filming to rescue penguins in latest David Attenborough show

One particular scene had people on the edge of their seats during the latest episode of BBC’s latest David Attenborough nature documentary, Dynasties. It followed a group of emperor penguins trying to survive the brutal winter in Antarctica.

These 14 giant uterus sculptures show you the journey from conception to birth

Want to know what the uterus looks like in the various stages before a baby is born? Yeah, you do. British artist Damien Hirst has officially unveiled 14 colossal bronze uterus sculptures outside a hospital in Qatar, graphically documenting the stages from conception to birth.

YouTube now offers free, ad-supported streaming Hollywood movies

YouTube has just rolled out dozens of free-to-watch full-length feature films on its platform. The only catch is that the content is ad-supported. First noticed by AdAge , YouTube began launching ad-supported Hollywood films under a “Free to watch” section on its Movies & Shows vertical.

Watch Barack Obama surprise Michelle with flowers and tell his version of their love story

Michelle Obama’s Becoming book tour has been quite the hit so far, but at Saturday night’s Washington, D.C. stop a special guest brought the event to a whole other level. Michelle’s husband, former president Barack Obama, strolled onstage with flowers in-hand to surprise his wife and the entire Capital One Arena audience.

Joe Biden adopted a German shepherd and he’s precious :’)

Joe Biden just welcomed a majorly cute addition to his family – a German shepherd named Major. On Saturday, the former Vice President and his wife Jill officially adopted Major the rescue dog, who they’ve been fostering, from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware.

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