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Thee Pluto Shares Lessons Learnt From His Popular Loyalty Test YouTube Show



The popularity of loyalty test videos has been expedited by Instagram model, business man and YouTuber Thee Pluto- who has now been nick named ‘The street sanitizer’. The YouTuber’s impeccable prowess in ‘sanitizing’ couples in tertiary institutions has been hailed by most youths; who have shown great support to him for his meticulous skills.

Thee Pluto- real name Robert Ndegwa, started the loyalty test videos immediately after his separation with his exquisite ex-girlfriend Felicity Shiru.

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According to him, separation wasn’t an excuse to stop producing content to his fans. As a matter of fact, his latest content has tremendously boosted subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Pluto and ex-girlfriend Felicity-Google

Explaining Loyalty Test

For those new to loyalty tests, it’s all about couples exchanging their phones on set; where their texts are then scrutinized to find any explicit text messages that might insinuate cheating with the opposite s*x. Nasty f****s then elicit if either party is found g****y.

Lesson’s Learnt

Writing on his Instagram, Thee Pluto shared what most people undergo after break up, stating that there’s always a way to move on.

”Out of all the loyalty tests I’ve done on my youtube so far, I’ve come to realize one thing. When in a relationship and you break up, you feel like you can’t do anything anymore since your partner was like everything, your happiness and all. But as time goes, you realize that you can do without them. You can live without them, and you have to prioritize yourself first! Your goals and your ambitions. Time heals you! Time is the master of everything! Anyway sanitization continues shortly… Link on my bio!”

Below is one of Pluto’s loyalty test videos;

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