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This is the world’s biggest chicken (photos and video)



The Brahma chicken became an online sensation after footage of him strutting around his pen went viral last year.

Now, his owner Fitim Sejfijaj has revealed Merakli has settled down – with two hens.

‘He is a very loving and happy bird,’ the farmer told The Sun. ‘He has two hens with him and is very well treated.’

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Brahma chickens are a large breed of chickens developed in the United States from birds originally imported from China.

The average weight for a Brahma cockerel is 5.5kg.

When footage of Merakli first emerged online, commenters suggested the clip was faked. Some even went as far as to suggest it was a man in a chicken suit.

News of Merakli’s latest antics come after the story of a giant cow made headlines.

The 1,400kg cow – called Knickers – avoided the abattoir because he is simply too large to be processed.

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The 6ft 4 ins tall steer has become a star after making his way into the record books.

‘He’s gone from being a production animal to I guess some sort of star,’ cattle farmer Geoff Pearson said.

‘We always got comments from anyone who saw him but he’s rapidly becoming a local celebrity now. I’m not sure how we will handle his newfound popularity.’

Mr Pearson added that he had no plans yet to use Knickers to increase the exposure of his farm, in Lake Preston, Australia, but he would see what happened down the track.

‘He’s just getting on with his job, which is basically just eating and sleeping,’ he said.

Check out the video showing how massive it is.

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