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Turkana County To Increase Its Levies



Josphat Nanok’s government has raised taxes as it seeks to meet its revenue targets for the current financial year.

Assenting to Turkana County Finance Bill, 2018, the governor has given consent to increase permit charges for foreign companies to Ksh750,000 from Ksh500,000, while national firms will part with Ksh450,000 from Ksh250,000.

To operate in the county, private companies will part with ksh250,000 compared to Ksh100,000 they were charged a year ago. Turkana residents will pay Ksh75,000 from Ksh50,000 to operate their businesses.

The tax cuts will affect weighing scale inspection and stamp fees for single businesses, Jua Kali artisan annual permits, charges for garage services, charges for procession of building plans, land survey among others.

The increments in fees “were aimed at balancing the County Government’s goal to meet its revenue targets and the need to foster growth of small businesses.”

Drilling fee for oil and gas has been increased to Ksh1.5 million per well from the previous Ksh1million.

The new law also increased prospection permit charges for oil and gas production to Ksh2 million from Ksh1 million per acre for foreign companies, Ksh1 million from Ksh500,000 for national companies, with private and local firms to be charged Ksh400,000 and Ksh250,000 respectively.

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