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Two-Thirds Gender Bill is for Lazy Slay Queens, Blasts MP



Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has strongly opposed the Two-Thirds Gender Bill, describing it as a means for “Slay Queens” to join parliament without working hard.

While addressing journalists in Parliament on Tuesday, the legislator vowed to rally his counterparts not to support the Bill sponsored by Leader of Majority Aden Duale.

“Some women leaders have also said they will not support a process where the only thing that a slay queen does is take a shower three times in a day, wear a nice cologne, and get some contracts from China to get these plastic sitting allowances so that she can appear before the party leader and get the party nomination,” Barasa said.

He noted that it is unfortunate that while there are many women working hard to contribute to society, there are others who are lazy and seeking a free ticket through the Two-Thirds Gender Bill.

“We can’t just fill Parliament with people, but rather people who will add value. We only want women of substance, those respected in this country, and above all, the Wanjikus, Anyagos and Naliakas must be given an opportunity to decide if they want to be represented by them,” Barasa stated, adding, “We are going to interrogate this Bill and I want to tell the Majority leader that this Bill is dead on arrival.”

The lawmaker further faulted the Two-Thirds Gender Bill for failing to provide a formula on how the women are going to to be nominated.

“This makes our women not work hard and it only seeks to serve a few individuals,” he said.

The MP also observed that the Two-Thirds Gender Bill will counter efforts to reduce the wage bill by increasing the number of parliamentarians.

“We cannot reduce the burden of Kenyans by creating more posts,” he said as quoted by the Star.

“I also don’t see the business of nominated male MPs. Whom do they represent? For example, Wilson Sossion and Goddrefry Osotsi. Where Osotsi comes from, they have their MP Ayub Savula. If you are a man, go and campaign and win a seat.”

Didmus Barasa said the only seats that must be reserved are for people living with disabilities and the youth.

He said the number of women parliamentarians has been increasing in each election – “a sign Kenyans are realising a woman is a better leader than a man”.

The Two-Thirds Bill requires the support of 233 MPs to pass.

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