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Ugandan Rolex sets new Guinness World Record



The Ugandan Rolex is considered a global tourist attraction.

One of Uganda’s most popular street foods, the Rolex, just broke a world record. A visit to Uganda isn’t complete without having a taste of Rolex. The decadent snack is made by combining an egg omelette and veggies wrapped in a chapati. It is a single-portion dish that’s quick to prepare, and can be eaten at any time of the day, from breakfast to a lunch or supper meal or snack. Ironically, The name “rolex” has nothing to do with the Swiss watch brand but rather, comes from its method of preparation, with the chapati and the omelette rolled together “rolled eggs”.

A group of Ugandans led by Raymond Kahuma worked tirelessly for months to prepare for the record.In the end, the Rolex that measured 2.32 metres in length and 0.66 metres at its thickest diameter, and weighed 204.6 kg (451 lb) broke the world record.

In a video shared by the Guinness World Records online page, quite a number of people can be seen participating in the Rolex-preparation exercise. Men participated in kneading the dough while women engaged in preparing the vegetables  that went into the meal. It was prepared by a total of 15 people in Kasokoso, Wakiso District.


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