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Uhuru orders arrest of Ambira Boys who insulted Matiang’i as NCPB Looters roam free



The government has acted swiftly to apprehend the schoolboys of Ambira, as the incident has even attracted the attention of the president, who is always snoozing and dozing when billions are being carted away from the treasury, in wheelbarrows, by the suppliers of air

The killers of baby Pendo, are yet to be arrested a year later, but the young boys of Ambira are already eating githeri in Kodiaga, for speaking their minds out aloud

These are freedom fighters who should be set free as Kenyans are tired of this regime, even if they have never recorded their displeasure in any video

Prof Larry Gumbe points out that “when young people rebel against shallow oppressive leaders, the revolution would be within reach” and I agree with him. It shouldn’t be treasonable that they boys said what every other Kenyan would say, only that they haven’t

The guys who should be arrested that swiftly are the economic saboteurs and other hard core criminals holding public offices. Instead, they are escorted by siren blaring police cars as the government concentrates it’s energy in arresting school children

From the conmen, we go cornmen of Kenyan

What’s the cost of producing a bag of maize? It varies, depending on several factors

My estimates put it at between 1700 and 2000. As I’ve noted above, the amount can rise or fall, from region to region

Some put it at 1500 or even below, which can also be true, because you can feed your extended family on marijuana, then lead them to the farm to till the land and save at least 5k for every acre, an amount which would’ve gone to twice till and then harrow the land

This will bring down the cost of production

The government estimates are more likely to be true and unbiased. The government spend 7B to produce 40k bags, in Galana Kulalu. That is around 175k a bag and this is the amount he government should use as the cost of production when computing the cost it should pay to buy a bag of this commodity from the farmers

Pay us 180k per bag! Ama namna gani?

Great evening my fellow avocado farmers

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