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Unmasking the face behind Homa Bay corruption – Weekly Citizen




Unabated corruption and looting at the county government of Homa Bay has flourished over the years – thanks to the stout centre that has seen its flawless execution under the protection of top management of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commissions, which has now been shaken.
The man behind the money minting racket where Homa Bay has lost billions of shillings is none other Nicholas Koriko.

To start with, Koriko who is currently under the hawk eyed-radar of Directorate of Criminal Investigation and National Intelligence Service is a quiet character with a telltale background on matters political, administrative, wealth and remains unpredictable, most misunderstood as well as mysterious in his operations as his dangerous cards remain under the table from where they surface clandestinely.
He has been linked to mysterious deaths and burning of county offices that store confidential documents to conceal evidence.
The reappointment of Koriko to finance and economic planning, a self-declared HIV positive in the County government of Homa Bay has shocked Homa Bay residents and political pundits in equal measure.
Members of the Bunge La Wenyenchi claim that putting Koriko to finance is as cancerous as exposing part of a human body that is cancer embedded through surgery adding that it will spread like a bush fire and consume the county into ashes unless county assembly of Homa Bay asserts its authority and deletes Koriko’s name from the cabinet.
Koriko’s proposed appointment has come at time EACC is investigating the loss of Sh5 billion, burning of the finance and procurement offices by the cartels. EACC asset tracers are also narrowing down on three treasury officials of the county.
One of the management experts who worked closely with Awiti but has now broken ranks with him following massive looting and complete failure on service delivery stated that, the governor has demonstrated that he suffers from memory lapse by reappointing Koriko back to the very docket which he is the founder executive member who presided over ripoff in three financial years due to Koriko’s outright incompetence, ignorance and lethal corrupt mind sharpened by the cartels most of whom worked with the defunct local authorities and former provincial administration as accountant, cashier, treasurer etc.
Koriko’s whose actual wealth can be seen in the kingdom of his newfound love Mercy Koriko who works at Ecobank, Kisumu branch, executed knowingly, various theft, looting and ripoffs in 2013/2014, 2014/2015, 2015/2016 in which taxpayers lost Sh112million for Kadongo-Gendia road to a fictitious company, Oasis International, the disappearance of Sh645 million Rapid Results Initiative of the supplementary budget of March 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Several shady deals and transactions between the county government and Central Bank through suspense bank accounts in some local banks in Homa Bay town hide the stinking dossier which the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officers in the region have converted into a cashcow.
The intervention by DCI under George Kinoti is a Godsend opportunity for the county citizens to see justice over massive plundering.
A chief officer was overheard expressing deep fears that their kingdom is destined to crumble.
“Even as you hear DCI is demanding these documents, it is going to be a tall order for Koriko to avail them since Mubea was paid handsomely to kill the case and we were consequently advised to destroy the documents,” a staf member.
The softspoken chief officer who is equally under investigation by EACC on his former and current dockets is now blaming Koriko for overdoing his dirty work after he engineered a strategy that incapacitated the governor completely after he was asked to explain whose account it was the Sh1.2 billion that was channeled to departments was banked in.


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