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UoN cartels block student from graduating for two years, demand bribes



Owuor Francis Onyango dropped out of secondary school in 1996 at Form 3. Fourteen years later, in 2010, he went back to school as a private candidate and sat for his KCSE. he managed to score a mean grade of C Minus. With this grade, he began his quest for a degree. He started with a certificate in community development and adult education at the University of Nairobi before he proceeded to diploma and finally enrolled for a degree in sociology in 2015 at the same university.

He successfully completed the course, cleared the balance, and everything else that the University of Nairobi wanted cleared. But two years down the line, he is yet to graduate. This is because the University has been deliberately omitting his name from the list of students slotted for graduation since 2020. Not because of pending clearance, fees balance, or failed units. This is the unfortunate case of Francis Onyango.

Here is what Francis said on the matter:

When I decided to go back to school in 2010 after dropping out of school in Form Three 14 years back in 1996, it was NOT because I wanted Academic Papers , or because I was looking for a job.

It was out of a burning desire to expand my capacities and achieve my potentials. I therefore appointed Formal Education just to guide me in the process.

Accordingly, I chose to go through the painstaking and rigorous process typical of our Education System.

At a time I was a boda boda operator and with a family to feed , having therefore no luxury to attend classes , I registered for KCSE as a private candidate and sat for the national exams. While sitting for that exam , I relied on NO benefit of Tuition, except the little knowledge I had stored for the three years I was in Secondary School 14 years back .

I got C Minus

I approached the University of Nairobi to get guidance on what options I had in my Academic Journey. They admitted me for a Certificate Course in Community Development and Adult Education. I successfully completed the 6 months Course.

Immediately after that, I advanced to Diploma in the same area. The Diploma Certificate is attached herein.

I proceeded to a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology in 2015. But because of financial constraints, I deferred the course for one year.

In November 2016 , my friends, majority of whom are here on Facebook, raised funds towards my College Fees, a total of Kshs 160,000 was raised, and I immediately went back to class.

I sat for the last Unit out of the 44 Units in January 2020, and got the last results in November, towards the December Graduation.

Unfortunately after back and fourth communication through Dr. Pamela Onyango of +254 721 324101, I was told last minute that I can’t graduate because I didn’t UPDATE THE DEGREE OPTION in good time.

I wondered why such a simple one minute process could delay my graduation for a whole year, but being positive as I always am, I said next year would still come.

In the course of this year, I visited Dr. Pamela at her office to get assurance that I would graduate . She said the matter was resolved and I should be graduating.

UoN Graduation

On the 16th of November, when the First Graduation List was released, I brought the matter to the attention of Dr. Pamela when I realized that my name was again missing. She kept quiet and never responded.There’s a WhatsApp message to that effect.

10 days later , I made a call to her. Her response was that she couldn’t assist because she had been transferred to Nairobi and therefore was no longer in charge. She advised that I email the dean over the same .

I immediately did an email to the dean, copied to the Director of Kisumu Campus – Prof. Vincent Machuki of +254 721 687001 , and the response was ;

” The request has been forwarded to the Faculty Registrar for further action.”

From the 26th of November to the 8th of December ( yesterday ) , no official communication was relayed by the University of Nairobi, and I began making calls.

Then everyone started to refer me to another person. Prof. Machuki referring me to Prof. Wahome of +254 721 354131, and Wahome referring me to Grace Lumiti of +254 780 323869.

Grace did not pick calls the whole day yesterday, even after I sent her a WhatsApp message in the morning.

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It is only at 9.28 in the night that she sent a message on Whatsapp saying ;

“You are on the list Sharon listed that had not selected degree option therefore the system was not choosing you for graduation.”

When I showed her a screenshot of my Degree Option, she admitted that it was the correct one, but that it was updated too late. Which late and that error was corrected last year?? She muted and later blocked me.

I’ve completed my Course and I’ve all the Results for the 44 Units as shown on the transcript attached herein ; I scored A in 12 Units, B in 19 Units , C in 8 units and D in 5 Units.

I have NO Fee Balance and therefore been cleared by the Finance Department and all the other Departments, as shown in my Clearance Status attached herein.

It is the norm that without a Tracking and Quick Response Mechanism by the University, many students are left at the mercy of cartels who take advantage of their desperation to corruptly acquire money from them. This has happened to some students with missing marks.

If the University wishes that I should graduate ,let them include my name in the Graduation List. But if they don’t care that I should graduate, let them stay with their graduation. My life does not depend it.

I remain accountable and grateful to the Community of Friends who raised my fees and supported me throughout the academic journey.

I took this academic journey to inspire others that IT IS POSSIBLE. My mission is therefore accomplished with or without the graduation.

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