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Vera Sidika set to launch reality show



Vera Sidika has made headlines for the better part of this year and most of it is based on her love life.

By now y’all know she was in a relationship with Otile Brown, but things really got messed when they broke up to a point the two started airing their dirty laundry.

The things they both said about each other were just nasty, something that many people thought got to far.

Well, it seems Vera Sidika is set to launch a reality show soon. She took to social media to reveal that the behind the scenes of her song ‘Nalia’, will be part of her reality show which is dubbed , ‘Veranovela’ which she is currently working on. Wow, what a name!

Vera Sidika/ Instagram

“Nalia -Behind the scenes- will be part of my reality show VERANOVELA (currently working on)

This reality show is bound to be quite interesting, considering how dramatic Vera’s life has been so far.

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