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Visa to hell! Bloody shrine where Kenyan teen gangs go for rituals



Young men nowadays are looking to the occult to get divine intervention and success in their dealings.

Teen gangsters from various hoods in Nairobi are said to be converging at a local witch doctor’s shrine to get cleansing and protection from being caught or killed by the police.

This is not new because a while back, gospel singer Rigan Sarkozi – who did a mega collabo with award winning star Daddy Owen titled Wewe ni Mungu  – revealed that he has visited one such shrine, in Tanzania.

If you missed that check out the collabo video below.

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Sarkozi revealed that his spirit has been convincing him to speak out on how he turned to the same God he was fighting in search for prosperity.

Sarkozy noted that it all started with the company he kept in the past. His friends were into women and the party life and since their parents would never give them money for such frivolity, they resorted to stealing household items.

So how did he decide to turn to witchcraft?

“Some of our friends were beaten up in the process and that is when we got into drug business which was closely linked with devil worshiping. So together with eleven of my friends I joined a group called ‘Baduz’ which means ‘twelve followers’ where we got into the drug dealing business where we were tasked to carry out small missions in a bid to earn a luxurious life,” he said.

“In there, there was a price to pay depending on the kind of lifestyle you wanted to lead, For example I had always admired a big car and a big house, wanted to help people since I used to live in the streets.

I was told in order to gain all that first condition would be; I find a wife but after every eight months, of pregnancy, she would miscarry for a period of five years and that meant that every miscarriage brought with it a different treasure.

Sarkozy added, “I was looking for a job in Tanzania and once I landed a spot in one of the music bands, someone advised me that in order to be successful I had to seek the services of a witch.”

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He narrates that some of the orders the witch would give him included stealing a corpse of a child and have sex with it. After that, one would be forced to cut the child’s umbilical cord and store it in a container, together with his sperms.

“The witch would then instruct her clients to carry the concoction around and always apply it on their lips or their tongues which would bind their ‘competition’ or enemies if for instance they are applying for employment, and they would not be successful.”

He went on to reveal that on the day he was due to undergo the whole process, he overslept and missed the opportunity to meet the witch. The witch through Sarkozi’s friend, warned him that if he continued to play with fire he would be consumed.

He opted to seek the same services but this time from a male witch who ordered him to be buried from his neck down for three days, a process which ended prematurely after the witch detected that his spirit was in touch with God as he cried for salvation, and he was chased away.

Sarkozi decided to change his ways for good upon receiving a call from his mother who dreamt that her son had died.

Now, it turns out, young gang members are also seeking help from the same powers by visiting a witch doctro who is making them carry out some bizarre activities.

A Facebooker who is linked to the fierce cop, Hessy, warned them:

“Kindly vijana, you are being deceived ati ukitaka kuwa successful kwa wizi lazima ukue #IMMORTAL_AND_INVINCIBLE. Mbio kwa mganga.(Dear young man, you are being deceived that imortality and invisibility can be acquired from a witchdoctor). Mara you need to be locked in a coffin for 30 minutes or take a glass of blood daily, you will be very successful!!!”

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He continued, “Sai vijana mumekimbilia yule mganga yuko Uganda, Naluerere in Bugiri district, sababu ya hizo sarakasi zake za jeneza but one thing ujue #copper_sio_uchawi_its_real.

The same doctor is languishing in poverty wewe unajidanganya tuu, learn to work and sweat jidanganye na juju tupatane utacheza riddim. I promise you.

(Now, you are all running for divination from the wizard based in Uganda, Naluerere in Bugiri district. Mostly because of his shenanighans of making you sleep in coffins, note this, bullets are not wizardry, they are real).”

Read some of the reactions by shocked netizens.

Oscar Paul: What …ishindwe kabsaa we only rely on the blood of the living God.

Hurdy Andie Weedy: Iyo ni Visa ya saitan…

Kenry Jackson: we trust in God.

Bone Seven: Damu n ya yesu tu, msidaganywe vjana

Check out the photos of the shrine.

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