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‘We all decided to venture into solo careers’ Recapp member Manolo confesses



Gospel group Recapp came to the spotlight and stole our hearts with their breathtaking talent. But things sometimes come to an end.

Former Recapp member Emmanuel Mwongela, alias Manolo, says they agreed to split on good terms.

“Recapp is something we started in high school and when it became serious, I was like, let’s give ourselves a timeline because music can look like a hole where you throw money, it needs many projects. We gave ourselves five years and because the industry is not an easy place, we kept pushing,” he told Word Is.

“After the period, we met again and gave ourselves the sixth year, which was 2017. So went all out and at the end of the year, it still didn’t make financial sense. In 2018 we all decided to venture into solo careers and see how that goes.”

Adding, “We are still friends and supporting each other, and we are still walking in Christ.”

Recapp were known for songs such as Never Never, 5 Stones ft Rigga, Tonight, Worldwide among others.

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