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What to expect from the latest iOS 13




We all are well aware of the latest release of iOS, the iOS 12 has introduced numerous upgrades and performance improvements. And with the numerous new things with iOS 12, the Apple users are open for the rumors and new things that may be introduced with the next big iOS release, the iOS 13. As expected the new iOS would be more fluid, and users can expect a better performance from the older devices and the newest iPhone iteration. Although the iOS 13 will be available for most of the Apple devices, the devices that will get the most benefits from the upcoming update will be those devices that have been introduced in the year 2018.

Features that may be available to the iOS devices with the launch of iOS 13

Although the official release of iOS 13 is quite far from the users, but there are a few things that you might expect by looking at the latest industry trends and advancements that company is making in a past few years, here are the features that you can expect from the update. Go through them, and know whether you should wait for the update, or not.

  • Updated parental controls and security features
  • Redesigned home screen and app transitions
  • Improved app performance and reliability
  • Improved default apps

Compatible Devices

With iOS 13, you can expect numerous new features, but it is obvious that the upcoming iOS update will be limited to a few devices. And as per the rumors, the iOS 13 will be an iPad-centric update that will help the iPad’s previous and new generations work better and more fluid and will add more features that are only available in the latest Mac Pros. The company is working really hard to provide Apple users a more streamlined experience throughout the devices. So, if you are an Apple user and want to experience the improved performance on your iPad, then instead of planning to buy a new device, try waiting till the official release of the iOS 13 which will be a great thing for the iPad users. Possibly, all the devices that currently run the iOS 12 will be updated to iOS 13. So, if your device has recently updated to iOS 12, then stop worrying about the update issues, you will surely get the iOS 13 on your device, until the company comes with a new plan for the iOS 13.

When we can expect the real iOS 13 in action?

As per the trends, you can expect the iOS 13’s official release in the September month of the year 2019. The last few updates have been released at the same time of the year, and it is expected that this year too the company will release the update according to the trends. However, you can expect numerous beta releases before the official release that will start any time soon. If you are looking for the beta versions of iOS 13 on your Apple devices, then enroll your device as a beta tester, and start enjoying the iOS 13 features before the official release.


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