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WhatsApp Monitoring Application TheOneSpy




WhatsApp has gained tremendous popularity since its inception and purchase by Facebook. There are many things that contribute to WhatsApp success such as its user-friendliness, feature-richness and a huge user-base. Having millions of active users, the instant messaging app is being commonly used by people of every age group. It allows users to exchange messages, make calls, share GPS location and post statuses. The popularity of WhatsApp messenger has made many businesses to swap their communication tools with the instant messenger. They have started using WhatsApp for internal and external communication.

However, there are several risks associated with unmonitored and unmanaged use of WhatsApp messenger. The more you remain online, the more you are likely to become a victim of cyber bullying, online child predation, scamming, cat-fishing, sexting and scamming. The teenagers are more vulnerable to the dangers of instant messenger. Meanwhile, the employers are needed to supervise the online communication of their workers to prevent them from data breach, harassment, gossips and unproductive chores.

There are a few monitoring applications that allow spying on instant messengers and social media apps. After reviewing the most popular monitoring apps, we have found the best WhatsApp monitoring app for Android and iOS mobile phones. TheOneSpy can be recommended to parents and employers for social media monitoring of their children and workers. Read on to know how this spy app lets you track WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger is the most commonly used instant messaging app worldwide. It lets you exchange text, stickers, links, locations, media files, document files and much more. It offers voice and video calls to individuals and groups. To create an account on WhatsApp the user only need to have access to mobile phone and the internet.

Download and install the messenger on your mobile phone and provide authentic mobile phone number to verify and activate your account on WhatsApp. The messenger syncs your cell phone contact list to let you communicate with the contacts which are already using WhatsApp messenger. You can also invite other contacts to sign up to WhatsApp. Those who have your cell phone number can find you on WhatsApp and send messages.

Though this seems harmless, there are certain dangers. The WhatsApp users are more likely to receive objectionable messages from annoying and unknown people. There is no way to hide you from other WhatsApp users than to block the unwanted contact. The teens and tweens are more likely to expose to pedophiles and predators on the instant messenger.

WhatsApp Monitoring Software

Here comes the WhatsApp monitoring app that enables parents to protect their children from annoying persons and scoundrels by monitoring their WhatsApp use. Once you install the monitoring software on the cell phone of your kid, you can monitor activities performed on WhatsApp and other social media apps via monitored cell phone. The spy app lets you monitor and control the targeted device via online control panel. By logging into the online control panel, you can check out WhatsApp chats, call logs, media files and all activities performed on the instant messenger.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp spy app lets you check out the messages received and sent by your workers and children via instant messenger. The spy app automatically gets access to the messages stored on phone memory and uploads to the online spy account from where parents and employers can review them. It includes all text messages, voice messages, media messages and group chats.  

Monitor WhatsApp Calls

With the monitoring application for WhatsApp, you can track VOIP calls of your kids and workers to ensure they do not communicate with unwanted persons. The monitoring app gets access to WhatsApp call logs and shows detail of every incoming and outgoing audio and video call.  

Monitor WhatsApp Media

The photos, videos, voice recordings and other media files received and transmitted via instant messenger can be tracked with WhatsApp monitoring app. The spy app syncs all media files stored on phone memory and upload to the online spy account from where these can be reviewed and downloaded.

Screenshots of WhatsApp Activities

The WhatsApp tracking software lets you capture every activity performed on the instant messenger with the help of screenshots. The targeted cell phone starts taking screenshots on receiving your command and captures all WhatsApp events. These screenshots can be reviewed and downloaded through the online control panel of the spy app.



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