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Why Uhuru is angry, Jowie vs Wakiaga, Abortion in Kenya: Your Breakfast Briefing



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More MPs have continued to publicly oppose the Bill seeking to raise the number of women representation in Parliament – the National Assembly and Senate.

Last evening, some MPs opposed the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2018 on the floor of the House.

Here are the stories making headlines in the Star this Thursday morning.

Why Uhuru is angry with his Cabinet Secretaries

President Uhuru Kenyatta has publicly shown low or lack of confidence in his Cabinet but ironically refrained from shuffling it less than 12 months since he formed it.

Insiders say the President has frequently expressed frustration and impatience during Cabinet meetings but this has now come out in the open with public rebuke of his team.

The latest was this week when Uhuru chastised his Cabinet secretaries as leaders with unquenchable appetite for money and who demand billions to deliver just a simple project.


Jowie accuses Justice Wakiaga of being swayed by social media

A murder suspect has accused a high court judge who recently called him ‘woman eater’ of being swayed by social media and wants him to disqualify from the trial.

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie who is facing charge together with his TV journalist fiancé Jacque Maribe says the judge has shown lack of independence and believes he will not get justice before him.

The two are accused of killing Monica Nyawira Kimani in Nairobi on September 19._____________________________________________________

Harsh realities behind the moral debate on abortion

In a dark, nondescript room, the walls caked in spots and smears whose origins she would rather not think about, a young girl sits wringing her hands, waiting for the woman she had been told could help her.

She takes one deep breath after another, telling herself it will be ok, there is no other option, she has to be there.

Eventually the door slowly starts to open, bathing the room in light that does nothing other than illuminate the dilapidated hospital bed in the corner.


Githurai School located in chang’aa den area shines in KCPE

A school situated at the center of three notorious chang’aa dens in Githurai, Kiambu County overcame all odds to produce top performers after the release of Monday’s KCPE results.

Clanne Academy is situated at a place commonly known as ‘Kona Mbaya’ area due to its high crime rates and the existence of illicit brew dens.

Over half of the 44 candidates who sat for this year’s KCPE at the school scored over 350 marks.


Demolitions stall for lack of cash

The team charged with demolishing illegal buildings now claims it is cash-strapped and cannot continue with the crackdown it started in August.

The multiagency unit hopes to resume next year if funds are made available. It was supervised by the Nairobi Regeneration Task Force.

The operation targeted buildings on riparian land and road reserves. It stopped in September.


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