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William Kabogo caught in raunchy Twitter space



Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo

An awkward incident has made former Kiambu governor William Kabogo this week’s latest trending topic.

This is after a social media account associated with the outspoken Kiambu politician was found in a rather mystifying position.

Netizens could not keep calm on Tuesday 30, November 2021, when they spotted Kabogo’s official page among listeners of a raunchy Twitter “moaning space”.

In the explicit late-night voice broadcast hosted by a Ghanaian sexual content creator, hundreds of girls are invited to do a host of adult challenges.

On that specific day, the Space had a moaning competition where the girls went head to head on who could do it the sexiest way.

As expected, droves of broke and horny Kenyan tweeps flocked the naughty space.

But it was the Tujibebe Party leader’s presence during such ungodly hours of the night that caught the attention of hawk-eyed netizens.

“Ata Kabogo ako uku?” one wrote, followed by many others who seemingly could not believe their eyes.

Kabogo’s official Twitter account as captured on the controversial Twitter Space


Although it is common knowledge that the former Juja legislator has a team responsible for running most of his social media activities, it is also understood that Kabogo sometimes takes charge of his own pages.

This is mostly when he wants to engage his hundreds of followers on a certain topic directly.

But considering the time of the night when he joined the Space, it is unlikely he did it himself.

With a busy schedule amidst the political campaign season, he was probably asleep at such hours.

Was this a silly blunder by an inexperienced employee or was Kabogo actually listening to random ladies moaning at 1 am in the morning?

I leave you guys to make the assumption yourselves.


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