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‘Wimbo wa Historia’ singer Leyla scores 308 marks in KCPE



Leyla Mohamed, the 13-year-old girl who trended for her performance of the patriotic ‘Wimbo wa Historia’ song, has scored 308 marks in the KCPE exam.

Even though she was aiming for 350 and above, she is still satisfied because she has got more than 300 marks, which will see her join her dream school.

leyla Mohamed
leyla Mohamed

I am thankful to God for the results I have achieved,” she told Word Is, adding that after her education, she aspires to be a pilot.

She said her mother is also happy with what she has scored. “My mother always told me that she is ready with any marks I will get,” Leyla said.

She always wanted to join Ngara Secondary School, and with what she has got, she is hopeful that her dream will come true.

Leyla meets Hon.Uhuru and the Firts lady
Leyla meets Hon.Uhuru and the Firts lady

Leyla got a chance to meet the President at State House, and she managed to perform in front of him during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations.

With the financial difficulties her family is facing, she is hopeful that her appearance will help her finish her education and pursue her pilot dreams.

The ‘Wimbo wa Historia’ song was written by Enock Ondego in the 1970s.