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A disappointed Nadia questions Arrow Bwoy




Nadia Mukami told off Arrow Bwoy’s diss in his recent interview with The Trend’s Amina Abdi, as an ’embarrassment’.

During her earlier interview with NTV’s Anto Neosoul, the pop star had labeled the ragga dancehall artiste ‘an amazing friend’.

On the 18th of April, speaking to NTV’s The Trend show host, Amina Abdi Rabar, Arrow Bwoy insinuated he does not know Nadia, struggling to recall who she is.

Additionally distancing himself from any dating reports, urging the songstress to instead ‘focus on her music and forget the sideshows’.

Nadia responds

Well, the African pop star has responded to Arrow Bwoy’s sentiments.

During a night IG Live chat with her followers, a fan asked Nadia when she is planning to walk down the isle.

The Kenyan singer-songwriter first shied off then laughed about it, expressing:

I’m first looking for money, a lot of it. Then I build my own place and then I can start thinking of marriage.

Revealing she has been single for a while now, though failed to precisely disclose for how long now.

I’ve been single for months.

Then came in the question about ArrowBwoy and the blush on her face was so real, like she wasn’t expecting questions around that.

She looked down, went silent about it, fumbled for a while, before getting asked to confirm the truth around it.

Nadia openly responded:


Alisema hanijui kwa the Trend. Soo…pia mimi sina kitu ya kusema. [He said he doesn’t know me during his interview on The Trend. Soo…I also have nothing to say]

The two then ignited a heavy belly laugh, as she articulated:

Let me continue with my hustles and spoil my fans to good music. So that I don’t get embarrassed like that again. I can’t handle the embarrassment.

For her, she felt like the ‘Jango Love’ singer literally humiliated her.


Addressing her music in the face of an unpredictable Coronavirus pandemic, Nadia promised more music to fans, as her EP hangs on till we return to normalcy.

Speaking of her EP she said her collabos with other artistes are on their way, only hurdle being the Coronavirus pandemic.

Right now we can predict nothing about Corona. There are no plans anyone can make for this time being, unless for future plans, which is probably 6 months down the line. Even after the situation is contained, the economy will be on its knees, so return to normalcy will take time. Currently, I have no plans. But the EP is ready.