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‘You actually look like a product of failed abortion’ Akothee goes ham on Robert Alai



Akothee is one woman you should be afraid of crossing her line because she will give you a dose of your own medicine, especially if insult her and and go after her family.

Well, Robert Alai was not ready for what was in store for him after he slid into Akothee’s DM to ask her to call him so that they can discuss business.

The post read,

Hello. Nade Akothee? An tich moro ma akwayo ni igocha wawuoyee. (Hello. I have a job please call me).

Trust Akothee to always have something to say especially to this guy who has been making horrible remarks about her for a really long time.

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She not about to spare Alai and went full force serving him with the most harsh words, insults you wouldn’t wish she threw at you.

She wrote,

“Robert Alai, the last time I heard about you is when you were insulting politicians.Do I look like a politicians to you ? I didn’t even know you are following me until you slid into my Dm begging me to call you , and that you have a job for me. Your mother sold her p***y to your dad all years and the only thing she achieved was a disgrace like you! You actually look like a product of failed abortion ??????, may I know how rich your girlfriends or wife are if any, since you started sleeping with them , or you are one of those men who are so broke that only ejaculates water while the real men who respect women were blessed with mercury , mbura get a life, Aloyi nyaka macha nga, jatich koyo , angok matho, get 2 minutes of fame on my wall, before I delete this post , you are so disgusting.”

So if you are planning on crossing Akothee’s path, you better not come for her or her family.

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