‘You opened your eyes just for me while in a coma’ Timeless Noel mourns


Timeless Noel lost his father a few weeks ago and he has revealed that before he passed away, he was the last person to see him alive and he was the last person his dad saw.

Taking to his instagram, he wrote an emotional message to his late father. He detailed the last memory of him that would stay with him forever.

“Dad, I miss you. You opened your eyes just for me while in a coma. That showed how much you loved me. That memory will NEVER FADE AWAY.

I PROMISE I’ll give you a decent send off because you gave your ALL to me till the last minute. You used all your strength just to see me.

It doesn’t make sense now because of my situation but I believe God will come through for us.

Let me prove to the world that I adored you. I love you Baba. Your soul Is with our Daddy.

Come support our family for the fundraiser.”

Noel’s father passed away in November while receiving treatment in the ICU at a local hospital.

The resultant hospital bill is crippling the family. The Odi Dance hitmaker is calling upon Kenyans to help his family by raising money to foot the bill and give his late dad a befitting send-off.

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