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‘You wonder why I am not pregnant’ Akothee shares the secret behind not having more children



Akothee is done having children at least for now.

She took to social media confessing that she always carries a condom and never believes in the guilt trip men like using when it comes to the bedroom game.

Well according to Akothee even if you’re in a relationship, you should carry a condom for you and your partner even if you feel like he is not cheating because you never know.

Other than sanitary towels and cotton wool which she says are her must have in the bag, Akothee must always have a condom because she believes condoms are life.

Is it okey for a woman to pack condoms for her partner ? Even though he is not cheating,?? for aka just in case ? I am asking for my daughters?
Things that shouldn’t miss inside a woman’s cosmetic bag
CONDOM? Mambo ya you don’t trust me is a no ?? I DONT EVEN TRUST MYSELF ?
2.cottonwool for cleaning ?
Endless list
Above all Condom is life ??????????

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Akothee even calls upon Matiangi after he is done with the roads to come help the single mothers.

Matiangi aki malizana ma barabara mwambie single mothers waimechoka, na list imejaaa, sasa tumeamua ni condom kwenda mbele ????

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