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Your job is not just to sit in offices, Uhuru tells CSs



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President Kenyatta has ordered Cabinet Secretaries to stop sideshows and work.

Speaking after the launch of the Kenya Coast Guard Service in Liwatoni, Mombasa, President Kenyatta said the CSs should personally oversee projects, including inspecting building of roads, and not just sitting in their offices.

The Head of State said he avoided involving CSs in the formation of the Kenya Coast Guard Service because “I knew they would have cited a huge amount of money for the same”.

“I knew they will start telling me about billions required and other stories. I started the plans with General Mwathethe (Chief of Kenya Defence Forces General Samson) quietly as we knew some people will bring up some politics here and there,” President Kenyatta said.

He told CSs that being a government official does not mean just attending meetings. “It means going to the ground and supervising projects and asking questions about the stalled ones. The only thing we want to do is to see ourselves on TV and newspapers. We need to work for these people. We have been given those positions so that we can work for them,” he said.

Just like he made a quiet working visit to the Coast some time back, making impromptu visits and inspecting projects, catching government officials unawares, President Kenyatta said the CSs should also ensure service delivery the same way.

Together with General Mwathethe, the President said, they had made night visits to the Liwatoni Fisheries Complex to recover the fish landing site.

“We used to go round at night and some of you did not even know that we were here and we finished our work and left knowing what we had planned. Why can’t CSs do the same?” he asked.

He told the CSs that it was time to work for Kenyans until the political season begins. “For now, go round and check on grabbed public land and recover public utilities. Let’s ensure funds allocated for projects go to them,” the President said.

He warned the CSs about corruption. Kenyans want service delivery. “Ama mwasemaje wenzangu? Si hivyo ndio tunataka? (Isn’t that what we want?)” he asked, adding that he is committed to ensuring Kenya exploits its natural resources to boost the economy.

Deputy President William Ruto and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho praised President Kenyatta’s commitment towards achieving his goal.

“We know the government’s efforts focus around creating an opportunity for young people and meeting the goals we have set in manufacturing and food security,” Mr Ruto said.

Mr Joho said the new zeal shown by President Kenyatta will help the country to attain its development goals.

“The President has done his part. The question is, are we ready for the opportunities we did not get then and are seeing now? We should ensure we work towards building this nation for the sake of our people,” he said.

Mr Joho, a former critic of the Jubilee administration, declared a ceasefire with President Kenyatta following a handshake between the Head of State and ODM leader Raila Odinga.