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YouTube is planning to reduce Ad interruptions while watching videos



Advertisements and video streaming go hand in hand. It has become a part of our viewing experience that is both interesting and annoying at times. While reducing the ads completely is inevitable, Youtube has curbed out a way to improve the user experience by reducing the Ad interruptions while watching videos.

Google Owned Youtube plans to reduce the interruptions faced by the viewers and improve the user experience. 

Youtube announces ad reduction by 40% 

 In an attempt to create a better viewing experience for the viewers the Google giant – Youtube has taken steps to reduce youtube ad interruptions by over 40%. This might come as a blow to the content creators on Youtube as ads remain their only domain of revenue on Youtube. The video streaming platform online seeks to offer a better experience to the user but there is a catch to it. Instead of curbing out the advertisements from the platform it shall now make you watch two ads stacked back to back before the video starts. 

Statistics of the new found solution! 

Youtube announced its new changes in a blog post where they shared the feedback of their customers and research. The online video streaming website stated that the recent user experience suggested that the customers are sensitive to the length of ads and frequency of appearance in the long viewing sessions. Similar to when they are playing any interesting video game or Internet slots UK. As a response to the problem, testing pods had been activated where the ads were stacked back to back before the beginning of the video and the frequency of ads between the videos was reduced.

This helped them increase their reach by 8-11 per cent and also increase the frequency of advertisers by almost 10%.

 Unleashing the new experience on Youtube! 

As per the announcement made the feature is still in its initial phase. There are researches being conducted and if the feedback is positive the changes shall be first made for the desktop viewers. And eventually, it shall be made available to the TV and mobile screens too.

As per Youtube, the TV screen viewers of Youtube reach up to 180 million hours on an average day. And the company plans to extend the new changes gradually to understand the user feedback and roll out the changes to the watchers when they are receptive of it. It is not until the end of the year that the changes shall be made to the mobile and TV screens.

 The reason for the big change!

Youtube reasoned that when viewers see two ads in a break they are less likely to receive more advertisements during the video and the chances to skip the ads are reduced too. Therefore it is an advantage for the advertisers to target customers while not interrupting their experience. The content creators are at rest too as the ad rollouts and payouts remain the same as before.

With the lesser frequency of ads interrupting long sessions of video, it is definitely a time to sit with your favourite video channels and experience a no-interruption experience on Youtube!


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