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7 Most Effective Content Marketing Trends of 2019



In the advertising approach of your company, content marketing is becoming more important these days. You can improve your connection with your target audience not only by creating marketing content as per the needs of a main population segment but also by making it different from the content of your competitors. You will have to understand current content marketing trends to improve your content. Some content creation tips are provided in this blog post to help you in making your advertising a Breakthrough Advertising.

Unique content


In order to attract more and more online customers you should give them something different in your marketing content as they are fed up of reading or listening to the same thing repeatedly. They want to learn something new so you should create an original and unique marketing content so that it can attract more and more consumers. But while creating an original content, it is not necessary include completely different things in it as it is not possible to create a video content completely different from others. But you should avoid using the same information and content again and again. So, to power up your advertising campaign with the benefits of Breakthrough Advertising you will have to create a content that cannot be found elsewhere.

Avoid clickbait content

In order to improve the updates of search results, search engines like Google etc. are changing their search procedures consistently to provide high quality content to online searchers. The increasing number of clickbait contents is one of the biggest issues faced by the search engines since last few years. The readers could not get anything new even after using certain catchy phrases and titles. Search engine optimization could not make anything good for such contents by typing a search phrase repeatedly to improve its ranking on result pages. For this reason search engines like Google are very careful about virtual reality and clickbait contents these days.

Tell stories

The unique design of marketing content of Snapchat has increased its popularity and placed it on the top of social media platform. It has allowed its customers to post content in terms of images and videos to make its advertising content more unique. These stories go away after a set time period. The daily clientele of snapchat increased from 50 million to 100 million in just two years from 2014 to 2016 with the help of the stories told by its customers which became popular even on other social platforms also. Similar format of content marketing was adopted by Instagram to increase its popularity. But, the images and videos posted in this platform disappear after 24 hours of their presentation. Thus telling stories for a short span of time can also help in maintaining uniqueness of your content.

Streaming live


Though the popularity of live content is suspicious still it can help in giving your content an original and unique look. For this reason some of the social media platforms depend more on live streaming to create content for their followers. Many people use Periscope, a live content created by Twitter several years back, even today. Similarly various types of live content have been created by several other social platforms to instantly connect the online audience with them. Likewise, when you go online on Instagram and Facebook, they high light your social icons. So, streaming live can also be a good option to attract more and more searchers to a website.


You can also improve your marketing campaign by allowing its users to post personalized content to give it a more personal touch. The availability of various subscription based services like BarkBox or Netflix etc. can allow their customers to share their experiences which can be more important for other viewers. In order to meet their needs many customers usually search for personalized shopping experiences of other people so that they can know about an online store more closely before entering in to it.

Documentation of marketing approach

Earlier, most of the content marketers used produced content to see their effectiveness. While producing a new product they have to understand the needs of their targeted audience but they lack the knowledge of increasing traffic to their website. According to various surveys, by documenting the marketing strategies most of the online marketers were able to improve their content marketing campaign.

Power of the Micro-Influencer

During the last few years, popularity of various social media platforms has improved due to the use of influencer marketing approach. An influencer on social media with lots of followers can help in generating traffic for the content marketing strategies of a company.


The concept of content marketing will go on evolving year after year. But if you want to remain on the top then you must follow the trending marketing strategies to take full advantage of Breakthrough Advertising. RapidEssay is a platform that provides services to some of the problems related to lack of money and free time along with writing. Writing quality essay at faster speed is the main feature of this platform.



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