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Ways To Use Technology To Improve Your Love Life



Did you know you can use technology to improve your love life?

It sounds odd, but in a day and age where people are incredibly busy but have the access to tech, it’s easier to use technology. Tech doesn’t have to be the reason you and your partner are distant, you can simply use it to get closer to each other. Of course, there are those romantic things you should still do for your partner but how about trying these ways to also get you closer?

1. Have a shared online document where you share ideas

It sounds weird, right? But having a shared document can help you guys keep tabs of what is going on in your relationship. All you need is to have a document where you share ideas for example: if there’s a date that you have been wanting to go to you just write it there that way you can hold each other accountable.

2. Learn to send photos and video call

The one way to make each other feel closer is to actually see each other. You can send photos, do video calls just to keep each other in the loop. At the same time, it keeps interesting especially if you’re in a long distance relationship.

3. Use a digital notepad

This is perfect for someone who ha a bad memory. For example: if your partner tells you that they love perfumes for their birthday then you should jot it down. It shows that you’re attentive and a digital notepad will even give you reminders if you need any.

4. Text each other 

Use Whatsapp, it’s instant and it doesn’t cost a lot. Texts may cost a lot more so subscribe to a good data plan to be able to send texts. In this day and age, you really have no excuse to not communicate effectively. You can send pictures of your environment, food, yourself or even screenshots of what you would like to do with your partner.


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