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America issues Ruto ban notice




In what is said to be America’s diplomatic respect on Kenya and so as not to get the country offguard the US government has issued a notice to ban deputy president William Ruto and his family from travelling to America.

According to sources, president Uhuru Kenyatta has been briefed on the ban. It is because of the ban that Uhuru while touring Central province late last year surprised many when he declared he is not going to support any person for presidency 2022.

Informed sources reveal, the ban notice was received by the president himself at State House. Because Ruto holds a diplomatic passport, America had to give a ban notice since a holder does not need a visa to get into America.

Insiders within diplomatic circles say, with the notice, Ruto will not land in America and officiate any state function on behalf of Uhuru and Kenyans.The ban will affect Ruto family members and wife Rachel and children. To show America has no time for Ruto and backs Uhuru-Raila Odinga handshake, the duo were invited for prayer meeting in America before the burial of late president Daniel Arap Moi. Insiders say, Ruto has never been the darling of Americans due to his corruption allegations.

President Trump and Kenyatta

To complicate matters for Ruto in American eyes is his association and business dealings with former Sudanase strongman Omar Al Bashir. Al Bashir is now languishing in cells but reports indicate, Ruto is being funded by his cronies to distabilise Uhuru government. Weekly Citizen has information, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, who served as adminisrative officer in Moi regime and personal assistant to Uhuru is one of the spies planted by state and Western powers to spy on Ruto.

Diplomatic passport is quite coveted within government circles. Some time back, MPs tried unsuccessfully to have themselves included in the list of those entitled to one.

Some of the benefits of a diplomatic passport are: easier visa restrictions, access to diplomatic lounges at many airports, free visas to many countries, travel upgrades on airlines and hotels, it is an instant ‘door opener’ in business or government environments, and basically prestige in both social and professional circles.

It turns out the laws of Kenya are clear on who can have a diplomatic passport. Here is the full list;

  1. President and immediate family members, vice president/ deputy president and immediate family members, cabinet secretary and spouse. 5. Secretary to the cabinet and spouse(s), principal secretaries and spouse(s), speakers of National Assembly and the senate and spouse(s), Chief Justice and spouse(s), Deputy Chief Justice and spouse(s), justices of Supreme Court and spouse(s), justices of Court of Appeal and spouse(s), Attorney general and spouse(s), Director of Public Prosecutions and spouse(s), Solicitor General and spouse(s), Controller of Budget and spouse(s), Auditor General and spouse(s), governor of the Central Bank and spouse(s), clerk of the National Assembly and spouse(s).
  2. Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces and spouse(s), Service Commanders of the Kenya Defence Forces and spouse(s), Director- General of the National Intelligence Service and spouse(s), Inspector General of the National Police Service and spouse(s), county governor and spouse(s), aide-de-camp to the president, former presidents and spouse(s), former prime minister and spouse(s), former vice presidents and spouse(s) 28. Foreign service officer, spouse and dependant children below the age of 19 years.

Weekly Citizen investigative team has information, since Jubilee took over power in 2013 from Mwai Kibaki regime, Ruto was on America radar on matters relating to corruption.

Infact, Uhuru is said to have been briefed by state security agents of multibillions scams Ruto was engaging in during first term. Uhuru was given list of looting in key parastatals held by Ruto cronies in Energy, Transport and National Treasury ministries. In Internal Security, de briefs on lucrative insurance tenders awarded forcibly to Amaco Insurance associated with Ruto featured.

At National Social Security Fund a firm associated with Ruto kin had been awarded lucrative cleaning business when Kazungu Kambi was Labour cabinet secretary.

Well informed with the graft linked to his deputy between 2013- 2017, Uhuru did not want to act. Despite pressure from international and local powerful players to crack whip Uhuru argument rotated on timing. Why? According to sources, the president fear being, if he deserted Ruto and openly rebuked him in public as it is now, it was bound to cost his second term presidential bid.

Intelligence reports had indicated, Uhuru to win the second term needed Ruto Kalenjin vote bloc deal with Kikuyu is to counter the Nasa power base that had Luos, Luhya, Kambas, Kisiis and Coastal tribes.

To hoodwink Ruto Kalenjin backyard, Uhuru sold the idea, Uhuru tano tena (Uhuru five more years) and hand power to Ruto for another 10 years. The political theory then sold well enabling Uhuru to control Mt Kenya region and parts of Rift Valley.

But now the theory has been turned political dishonesty going by current events in Jubilee that is divided between Kieleweke allied to Uhuru and Tangatanga associated with Ruto.


Weekly Citizen diplomatic investigation team has established, during the 2013-2017 period in power, Americans and other Western capitals could not have wished to ban Ruto. By then, Western capitals having backed International Criminal Court charges against Uhuru and Ruto and with their surprise win wanted to mend fences.

By then, the duo was close to each other being referred to as identical political twins. They were brought to power due to ICC. In fact, State House sources reveal, during the period, if one visited State House and talked ill of Ruto, Uhuru would immediately inform his deputy and Ruto would call you back inquiring what you had told “Unyee” as he liked calling Uhuru.

Another fear in Western capitals was Jubilee dalliance with the Chinese government. It is imperative to note, during Jubilee 2013 campaigns, Chinese communist party heavily funded Uhuruto. The manifesto and T-shirts were all printed in China.

America and allies knew Chinese influence in Kenya corridors of power and influence in lucrative roads, energy and military sector. The talk in Western capitals was the Chinese funded standard gauge railway project to a tune of hundreds of billions.

Multiplie sources in diplomatic circles reveal how Western capitals decided to call back envoys from Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi and replaced them with new faces. The new faces first posting duty was to work on how to befriend Jubilee top leadership and counter China influence.

Rachel Ruto

With new forces in charge of Nairobi diplomatic circles and being accommodative to Jubilee re-election 2017 by not coming out to back opposition Nasa openly as before when choices had consequences in 2013, they slowly penetrated Jubilee ruling class, a section of it, that of Uhuru. To the contrary, Ruto is a master wheeler-dealer in politics and the world of business was leaning and still up to now towards China.

Weekly Citizen has information, Western capitals worked on one concept to separate Uhuru and Ruto. That Jubilee had two centres of power one rotating around Uhuru and another Ruto. As a result, it was completely impossible to engage the government in meaningful matters of development.

Questions were being asked in diplomatic circles who was ruling Kenya.

All this was happening prior to 2017 polls. Uhuru was aware of the remarks but kept quiet. Sources reveal when Jubilee nominations were bungled with those seen anti- Ruto being replaced by pro-Ruto in various constituencies dominated by Kikuyus in Nairobi and Central, Uhuru read political mischief.

At a meeting he called at State House with losers among them them Kiambu governor William Kabogo, Maina Kamanda, Peter Kenneth, Kabando wa Kabando among others, a furious Uhuru openly stated, he was aware what happened and since he needed the Kalenjin vote, they should allow him navigate 2017 main polls and strike Ruto at the opportune time.

Uhuru even claimed, he was aware Ruto had tainted Jubilee image in Western capitals due to his alleged corrupt deals and his associates.

Insiders reveal, state security agencies have profiled and concluded, almost all DP Ruto allies are on Interpol watchlist among them those at deputy president annex recently linked to Sh39 billion weapons scandal that targeted an American.

Weekly Citizen has information during the recent Beyond Zero run of the first lady Margaret Kenyatta, Ruto and his wife stayed away which is a pointer to the fact that the two families are not in best of terms. Ruto’s wife and DP participated in 2019 marathon.