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Data Prices Comparison Between Network Operators in Tanzania



Tanzania has one of the fairest data prices in the region and they have been an envy to the rest of the region as to how easy they can get cheap data plans.

I was curious to find how much the various network operators charge for data equivalent to Kshs and this is what I came up with.

Here is a table showing network providers in Tanzania and how much they charge for data in the country. This includes data from Vodacom, Tigo, Zantel and Halotel.

Data Package Vodacom (Kshs) Data Package Tigo (Kshs) Data Package Zantel (Kshs) Data Package Halotel (Kshs)
70MB (daily) 22 70MB (daily) 22 60MB (daily) 13 100 MB (daily) 22
200MB (daily) 45 200MB (daily) 44.5 150MB (daily) 22 200 MB (daily) 45
1GB (daily) 89 1GB (daily) 89 750MB (daily) 45 250MB (daily) 45
1GB (weekly) 89 500 MB (weekly) 134 1.2GB (daily) 89 500MB (daily) 67
2Gb (weekly) 357 2GB (weekly) 357 500MB (daily social) 22 1.2GB (daily) 89
10GB (weekly) 535 10GB (weekly) 669 700MB (weekly) 133 200MB (weekly) 45
500MB (monthly) 223 500MB (monthly) 223 1.2GB (weekly) 223 450MB (weekly) 89
2GB (monthly) 668 2GB (monthly) 669 2.5GB (weekly) 357 1GB (weekly high speed) 223
10GB (monthly) 1560 10GB (monthly) 1560 10GB (weekly) 535 1.5GB (weekly) 223
20GB (monthly) 2229 500MB (social) daily 45 1.2GB (weekly social) 45 3.5GB (weekly) 446
30GB (monthly) 4235 1GB (social) weekly 89 1.5GB (monthly) 446 13GB (weekly) 669
3GB (social) monthly 223 3GB (monthly) 669 700MB (monthly) 223
1GB (daily YouTube) 89 7GB (monthly) 1114 1.5GB (monthly) 446
14GB (monthly) 1560 3GB (monthly) 669
2.5GB (monthly social) 67 2GB (monthly high speed) 669
2GB (night pack) 67 6GB (monthly high speed) 1114
12GB (monthly) 1560
25GB (monthly) 2229
40GB (monthly) 4235

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