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Diamond Platnumz speaks out after being robbed off his Ksh 1.8m chains



Diamond Platnumz was jacked badly.

He lost his gold chains worth millions when he was on tour interacting with fans a few days back.

The Jibebe star has now gathered strength to talk about it.

Well, the singer told a Tanzanian based radio station that he hadn’t thought that his jewelry would be grabbed off his neck that easily.

“Those chains were made of white gold with diamonds encased in them. I bought them in the states, I cannot remember where though but they are worth slightly more than TSH 40m (Ksh 1.8m). I knew they would not be tagged off my neck, then here comes someone out of the blue and pulled them off. I was shocked.”

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The Wasafi boss claims will let bygones be bygones and will not give it a second thought. If anything he has gifted the fan with the chains.

“But God is the designer of all things. He plans everything at the right time. Maybe God saw it fit that the chains be like an gift to the fan after all the support they have shown me over the years doesn’t match in value to the chains that they took. After all, I do have others it is more like a gift to that fan, I hope they enjoy the gift.”

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