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Don’t punish Ambira boys for insulting Matiang’i, blame the system



By Joshua O N

Those reacting to the Ambira High School KCSE papers burning ritual should consider the utmost best interest of those kids in every one of our statements and conduct. Those kids need understanding, counseling and support rather than parading of their names and videos on social media, and threatening statements from the school and Government.

The problem is not the children . The problem is the system of education. Why should a child who has gone through at least 12 years of formal education be so negative about the education system and its examination on sitting his last paper?

Rather than militarise our examination system, treating kids as criminals, we need to relook at the philosophy of our education system and examine the goals, forms, methods, and meaning of our education.

What are the fundamental philosophical foundations of our educational themes and how effective are our pedagogical approaches towards meeting the broad goals? We need to make considerations of how our educational system relates to broader philosophical or sociocultural contexts that the kids are growing in.

Those kids are a manifestation of the crisis in our society. Let’s tackle the root issues rather than suppressing symptoms of the crisis.

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