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WHY CS Matiang’i will not chase after Ambira Boys who insulted in unprintables



Interior CS Fred Matiangi should concentrate on terrorism, crime and corruption. Leaders around the world including his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta and supreme leader Raila Odinga are insulted every day. US President Donald Trump thrives on insults. Going after the Ambira boys would be petty and Frivolous

Kenya is not a dictatorship. The bill of rights guarantees certain freedoms. This video was obviously not intended for mass distribution so they can’t even get sued for defamation, besides both Matiang’i and Amina do not enjoy exclusive use of those names, it could be that the boys had nicknamed some rogue teachers in the school after two leaders. What they did was morally wrong, but allowed by the constitution. Otherwise, Uhuru and Raila would have sued millions by now.

Police in Siaya should stop wasting public resources chasing after bullshit. Our courts have serious cases that require time than waste time ligating teenage nonsense.

And Why are guys acting suprised? These are normal things that happen in all schools including highly religious and private school

Amina and Matiangi must prove, in person, that they suffered severe physical or emotional damage from the insults. To prove severe emotional damage, the judge will have to look at factors such as the frequency of the insults. This was a one off case and there was a very high probability that those insulted would never view the video. Unless the judge is biased, I don’t see how Amina and Matiangi winning such a case were they to sue.

Reminds me of the ‘weka tire’ comment by a certain honorable member. He weasled himself with a simple explanation that he meant changing a flat tire yet we all knew he meant lynching people.
Hii ‘ tumeiba’ statement is too general.

.I see nothing strange with their behaviour….that’s exactly what I would expect teenage boys who have just finished their form four exams to do.

Abusing Matiangi and insulting Amina is a far much lesser crime a student can do!*

It is my hope that now the country is feeling the weight that a teacher feels today in our schools

The future of the nation can only be shaped in the schools but the teachers.

The teachers are powerless and can do nothing to a student due to the laws that have been made just within the last decade. For Matiangi, if a student insults him, he sends the police to get the students. We all know how the police will treat them in the cells. How about a teacher. The county Director will rush to school reading a piece of paper called the cord of conduct and basic education act alongside with an interdiction letter if you dare punish such a child

This year, 3 students in Nyakach Subcounty, Kisumu County did not just abuse a teacher, but they killed him along his way home after he refused to buy them alcohol in a pub.

This year a student in Migori County slapped the Principal in the assembly. At Kaaga Girls , we saw how a teacher was sacked for disciplining a child.

That’s the generation that relying on the LAW to discipline a child can breed.

The LAW disciplines the teacher more than the student

That’s the generation of the LAW!!! Let the LAW makers and policy implementors also taste it!.

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