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Eddie Ndichu Takes Time Off To Reflect On His Actions At Ole Sereni (Statement)



Gender-based v******e is on the rise as the Ndichu brothers (Eddie and Paul) are the latest to be accused of assaulting two ladies at Ole Sereni over the weekend.

A viral video of the two brothers circulated the internet on Monday of the two harassing the women.

Their actions have ignited mixed reactions from netizens far and wide; including Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai- who, to his chagrin, believes stun action should be undertaken.

In addition, Janet Mbugua also had her say on the paramount issue; stating that GBV has increased and the duo should face the law.

Paul Ndichu fight with unknown lady

Double Loss

The Ndichu brothers’ business is also on the edge after a key investor pulled out of their firm (Wapi Pay).

Japanese venture capital firm Kepple Africa Ventures announced today that it would “relinquish all the rights of our investment stake” in the twins’ Kenyan fintech startup, Wapi Pay.

Upon seeing how things went haywire really quick, Eddie thought taking a break from all this would suffice. He wrote a statement to claim he’s reflecting on his actions during the break.

” I am extremely saddened by the i******t being highlighted across online media platforms. At the moment, I cannot comment on this matter as it is being handled by the appropriate authorities. For now, I have taken some time off to reflect on this embarrassing and unfortunate situation and will co-operate with all stakeholders to ensure a speedy conclusion of the matter,” his statement read.

For now, the heated debate on their actions continues as netizens await justice for the two women.

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