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‘Ukipata Chai Yangu Weka’ Xtian Dela Gives Edgar Obare Go-Ahead To Write About Him



After Xtian Dela confronting Edgar Obare a day ago for writing about him, the YouTuber has now contradicted his sentiments by allowing the popular blogger to run his ‘tea’ anytime he comes across any.

The two are now household names for the latter reason. And with Edgar’s comeback through his BNN account, celebrities are on the look-out.

However, Xtian is poised over this, and like any other celebrity, he’s accepting the fact that he’s not unassailable.

”Can I just be left in peace Aki. I just need PEACE. I’m just here building my company and keeping it easy with my pregnant wife.

What I will NOT allow is for a clout chasing blogger to drag my name down and brand me titles and businesses I Don’t Own! If you have personal issues, kindly sort yourself and don’t just a****k people for clout so that you can sell ads.

I will protect and defend my name to the full extent of the law if need be…

Friends In Denial?

Xtian went to Instagram live with Edgar Obare to allow him to serve netizens with his ‘tea’. This made his previous threats null and intricate to netizens; who thought a beef would elicit.

Xtian stated;

”… you don’t need to like everybody. I respect him being bold. Ukipata chai yangu ukieka, pia ni sawa. Tutakasirikiana tu. Kama itakusaidia ni sawa. And life continues… ”

Xtian’s sentiments were posted by Edgar on his BNN account.


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