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Fabulous Anita Fabiola rejects ‘Slay Queen’ tag – Nairobi News



Uganda event host says she is a professional who works hard to stay ahead of the game in her chosen career.

Like most female celebs, Anita Fabiola looks perfect on Instagram. What you may not appreciate is just what it takes to look that fine.

Worse still is the label that many beautiful celebs are often branded once they start making headway in showbiz.

At the recent 5th All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) 2018 red carpet in Accra, Ghana, the Ugandan TV host took issue with the Slay Queen tag that is often appended to many successful women in showbiz.


“Slay Queen actually started out as a very empowering word, but unfortunately it has been watered down,” she said. “I’m not a Slay Queen, I am professional in my chosen career and I work hard to stay ahead of the game,” she said.

Nairobi News followed the fabulous Fabiola last weekend as she prepared to host the AFRIMA 2018 red carpet show.

Ugandan actress, event host and businesswoman Anita Fabiola. PHOTO | COURTESY

She started with a two hour hair and make up routine before moving over to wardrobe where she completed her look.

Next up was a pre-event photo shoot at the hotel for all her Instagram fans, and if you think those perfect photos are easy to pull of then think again.


For everyone great photo you see, probably between 20 and 30 were taken and only the perfect shot sees the light of day.

At the red carpet event, it was long hours of shooting and interviews with intervals of long waits as the technical team sorted one issue or the other.

In the end, the event was a success and Anita totally killed her red carpet.