The Link between USA president George Bush snr and Dr Ouko Murder

By D S


“The third explanation for Ouko’s assassination was that he died because he had become a threat to Moi.

Ouko, Moi and others had…..returned from Feb 4, 1990 from a trip to the US, known as the “Prayer Breakfast” visit.

It was formally a private trip, whose purpose was to lobby against the threatened suspension of US military assistance to Kenya.

Moi had no meeting planned with GEORGE H. W. BUSH, as the US was increasingly unhappy with Kenya and had asked Moi not to come, though BUSH did not join the prayer breakfast with Moi.

It has been said speculated that the BUSH Administration showed itself too friendly to Ouko or considered him suitable presidential material……(though) the US government denied that Ouko was favored or that he had attended “secret meetings’ with BUSH…..

However, Hempstone’s report in his memoir “Rogue Ambassador” that he had received State Department photographs of Ouko and BUSH shaking hands on the White House lawn, Moi nowhere to be seen, indicated the former ambassador’s own views on the subject i.e. Ouko’s assassination”

Excerpts – (p474-475 – “Kenya: A History Since Independence by Charles Hornsby”.

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