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Governor Waititu launches a wedding as a KOT goes ablaze



Kiambu County Governor, Ferdinand Waititu is under fire for allegedly “flagging off” a couple whose wedding will be sponsored by the county government.

Governor Waititu allegedly “launched” the wedding on Thursday afternoon, with a promise to a young couple that all their wedding expenses will be catered for by the county administration.

The launch happened with a full on red carpet and a press call in order to make the announcement.
The press announcement was attended by both the Governor and his deputy, together with the CEC Youth among other county officials.
The event has caused an uproar online with constituents wishing tat 2022 may arrive sooner rather than later.
George Kopiyo: Kiambu should consign this monumental historical mistakes to the political dustbin in 2022. Kiambu deserves better.

Isaac Ngige: Can’t be serious there are so many pressing issues to be addressed and attended not things like this Lol…

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