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Hon Millie Mabona sets stage for showdown with power Girl Gladys Wanga



Suba North MP wakili Millie Odhiambo has made it clear she will NOT support Homa Bay woman representative hon Gladys Wanga’s 2022 gubernatorial bid.

In a hard-hitting Facebook post that went viral on Monday, the MP said inasmuch as she supports women leadership, she won’t back “exploitative leadership” even from a fellow woman.

Many are of the opinion that Hon Millie is setting the stage for her retirement having been in parliament since 2007. It is widely believed that she cannot defeat Hon Wanga in a county wide free and fair election.

Here is the post:

“Just been to Kieve Ukraine with Parliamentarians for Global Action. It is beautiful. Meanwhile back in Kenya and to Homabay politics, Iet me state categorically that I love my sister Hon Gladys Wanga. I support women leadership in general. I will not however support ineffective and exploitative leadership, even by a woman.

Gladys would be the worst mistake Homabay would make for choice of Governor. She has not done well with the National Government Affirmative Action Fund and the ever money-consuming SACCO. Her style of leadership is abbrasive, divisive and manipulative. I hereby declare you do not have my support. You can unleash all the online warriors in heaven and on earth but it only makes my resolve firm.

I do not support you, period. Let the men who fear you talk in parables. I will speak in English, Luo, Suba, Spanish and Kiswahili. No support from me! Amilo Geza Geza wacho gi chirrrr odiechieng.”
The two power girls seem to be spoiling for a war come 2022.

Now, last week 11th November Hon Millie took to Facebook to defending Hon Gladys Wanga over some allegations of a sex scandal. Here is what Millie Mabona posted then in defence of Hon Wanga:

My sister Hon Gladys Wanga and I are often on the same page in relation to national politics. We often have differing views on regional and party politics. That is the nature of politics. I do not have to agree with everyone on anything. Nonetheless, and regardless of our often differing political stand locally, I will defend her right to be respected as a woman politician. Men have a tendency of always seeing below the belt when it comes to women. I have said it before and will say it again. Women did not invent sex so do not make it about women. In any event if we have sex it is often with men. I abhor and strongly condemn an abusive post I have seen in relation to Hon Gladys Wanga and which is not even factual as there is no proof of allegations against her.
Hon Gladys has three main roles by law:
1) Legislative
2) Oversight
3) Representation
Challenge her on those. I will give my own assessment of her at the right time especially on representation and her style but not on mundane issues like sex
I can assure the writer that what you are doing is counter productive. One because most women leaders now have thick skin but two because people do not vote for or against a person on such pedestrian things. After all are you not a product of sex ?

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