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Willy Paul now claims ‘his sister’ was high on cocaine when he clobbered her – Nairobi News



Gospel artist spins new tale on why he assaulted an unidentified woman in the parking lot of his residence.

Controversial Kenyan gospel singer Willy Paul has changed tune over an incident last month when he was captured on tape assaulting an unidentified woman in the parking lot of his Syokimau residence.

When Nairobi News contacted him over the incident, Willy Paul initially claimed the violent scene was part of an upcoming reality show which would involve drama, money, fights and music.

However, while appearing in a recent TV interview, Willy Pozee, as he prefers to call himself, changed the tune claiming the lady he battered was his sister who is a drug addict.


“Ukiangalia hivyo video vizuri hakuna mtu anapigwa kofi, ni simu inapasuliwa. So this is the painful part, you know I have a sister mwenye ananifuata, so alikuwa amenikasirisha nikapasua simu yake. You know why? Huyu mwanadada alitoroka bwanake akaacha mtoi mdogo then hiyo siku alikuwa high on coke (cocaine),” the artiste said.

He further justified his actions by saying:

“Ilikuwa painful na the reason nilipasua ile simu ni kwa sababu ata hiyo time nilikuwa hapo, alikuwa ana chat na hao wasee wake, nilifeel ikiwa disrespectful. Halafu anapiga nduru estate mzima.”