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I did not chase away demons from the pits of hell! Pastor Ng’ang’a defends the Rose Muhando video



After a very disturbing video of 10 demons being exorcized from gospel star Rose Muhando by controversial pastor James Ng’ang’a surfaced online, the man of God is now defending himself.

In the video, a very zealous Pastor Ng’ang’a is seen commanding the demons from the fiery pits of hell to leave the music icon.

“Run and go. Remove your baggage from her,” Ng’ang’a commands the demons. He then asks then how many they are and what they want.

“We are ten demons. We have said she will not sing again. If she does, she spoils for all of us,” the demons say, using Rose Muhando’s voice.

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Now, the Neno Evangelism pastor has come out guns blazing has harshly denied that he went into battle with 10 demons.

Pastor Ng’ang’a, claims that Rose Muhando did not go through an exorcism but rather a spiritual healing process.

“If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician,” Pastor Ng’ang’a.

He continued defending himself, “She was unwell. She, therefore, requested for spiritual healing from me. I only facilitated that. Rose Muhando is like a patient in the hospital. Do you usually call the doctor to inquire about the health details of a patient you are not related to? No, you don’t. So, kindly keep off the Rose Muhando issue.”

In the video, Pastor Ng’ang’a is seen addressing his congregation after the intense “spiritual healing”:

“Don’t forget this is Rose Muhando, the popular and famous gospel star. [The demons] have burnt her hands and spoilt her face, she walked into my office and I couldn’t believe it is her. I gave her Ksh 5,000 and asked her to come to the service to be delivered.”

Social media users have raised eyebrows over the video claiming that the controversial pastor may have staged the entire exercise for publicity.

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rose muhando 7The Pastor’s patience ran thin when he was called for comment by Citizen TV journalists.

He ranted:

“I own the rights to the video doing the rounds on social media, showing Ms Muhando being delivered from demons. You do not own the rights to that video. So, why would you call me over that clip? Who is your supervisor? I should call him or her and ask him to drive sense into you. Why are you interested in a video that you don’t have any rights to?” 

The Tanzanian Music Foundation (TAMUFO) issued a statement that read: “We, as an agency, believe Rose Muhando is not demon-possessed, but there is something she is up to.

“As an agency mandated to look into the welfare of musicians in Tanzania, we have decided to seriously look into her claims,” said Stella Joel. 

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