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Timeless Noel in mourning after losing his father



Gospel singer and TV host Timeless Noel is mourning the death of his father.

Noel’s father died on Wednesday in a Kisumu hospital, where he had been admitted. He was in a coma and doctors were doing everything to bring him back.

Jalang’o broke the news on social media: ”Thank you to all of you who contributed, we did our best but God loved Mzee most Timeless Noel sadly lost the dad. Don’t stop contribution because now he has a bill and burial expenses.”

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Noel, who is behind the viral Odi Dance hit, had just revealed that his father was ill and admitted in the ICU and was pleading with fans to support him.

Your money, support and prayers are needed to pull my family and I through these trying time,” a message by Noel read.

DJ Mo also took to social media to jot down a message to Noel that read, “@timelessnoel – May the love and mercy of our Lord be bestowed upon you and your family during this unfortunate time. My most sincere condolences for the loss of your dad. Team DJ MO lets stand with @timelessnoel in this difficult times. Yes, the paybill is still active and we can use it to mobilize funds to help offset the hospital bill and the the upcoming funeral cost.

Paybill 891300
Account name TIMELESS.”

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