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‘I don’t want to get married to Mariga or anyone,’ Joey Muthengi clears the air



TV host Joey Muthengi has spoken out and clarified the ongoing stories of his reported whirlwind romance with football star McDonald Mariga.

“This story with Mariga has gotten out of control. The media started it, they perpetuated it and now they have ended it.”

She is quoted in an interview saying:

“I don’t know where this (relationship) will take us. Ask Mariga. But we will see what becomes of it. Unfortunately, I just felt that what I was going to do with life did not coincide with what Citizen TV had for me. Besides, I had a good time there and I will miss everyone, especially my fans.”

Explaining that, she said:

“After I was asked, what kind of guy is he.  The words I used was, he is a nice guy, he is cool. and That is it. There is no reason to read in between the lines.

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She continued that she wants to clear the air further that she is not moving to Milan, Italy but rather she will be there for “work”.

“Actually I’m not dating.”

Asked is she plans to get married, Joey responded with a hard cold, “No!”

“That has never been something I wanted to do. Never ever. You can even ask my mother. Marriage is not for everyone. I don’t feel like it is a must. If it is not helping me wachana nayo.”

She went ahead to talk about past relationships saying, “I have been hurt a lot. I have chosen badly I cannot blame them, I love bad boys and I love hard. Now I Just keep my distance. I think that has also contributed to why I don’t ever want to get married.”

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joey Muthengi MarigaA family member came out to claims that Mariga is planning to wed his baby mama and not Joey.

“He is married to his mixed-race wife in Italy and they have a daughter, Kenisha, together she is very private they are planning on getting married in Spain in summer 2019,” a source told

Adding, “and Victor Wanyama is the best man.”

Summer in Italy begins on Friday, 21 June and ends on Monday, 23 September. So if the bride and groom-to-be are to choose a date, it will fall between those four months.

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