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‘I just want y’all to know…’ Otile Brown calls out the trolls on his comment section



Otile Brown is tired of all the backlash from fans after he was exposed for having a small D with low bedminton game.

Vera Sidika was ready to play. She went hard!

Of course, this has been the discussion all week long and Otile Brown just needs a break.

He took to social media to post a simple picture of him saying he is making music in the studio right before Vera said she is back and straight into the studio. Clearly, she has decided to take up music as a career.

Under the picture Otile Brown posted, comments flooded and most were not so positive. At this point, the story out there is not is good. Vera really accused him of a lot.

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Otile sounding tired of all the trolls simply posted:

to those on the comment section,i just want y’all to know i got nothing but love for y’all

The internet is a dangerous place. When anything is unleashed, people will jump and run with it and it will never leave the internet.

Otile is going to have it rough up until the end of the year unless Vera decides to reveal something else then he will have a rough 2019.

As Akothee said, be careful with who you date and what you send because when it ends it gets worse.

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