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Jacque Maribe’s Fiance Jowie moved to Kamiti Maximum Prison as Moses Kuria and Itumbi Square out



TV Journalist Jacque Maribe’s ‘eater’ Joseph Irungu alias Jowie has been moved from Industrial Area Prison remand to Kamiti maximum prison.

His close friend Joe Muchiri confirmed the latest development adding that he had visisted the ‘Woman Eater’ and the prison facility and it the place (Prison) was not a joke. Muchiri took to Twitter to spread the word of how Jowie was struggling at the maximum security prison.

The Kamiti prison handles hard core criminals and therefore Jowie was struggling to adjust to the the new environment with much more stringent rules and harsh conditions that Industrial Area Prison remand where he had been held for over a month..

Meanwhile his fiance/food, TV Journalist Jacque Maribe seem to gotten back her balance. Last Saturday she flew to Samburu to attend Hon Naisula Lessuda’s wedding in the company of Hon Moses Kuria.

As Jowie rots in jail, Jacque is settling in well and Itumbi is still cooling off at the bench as Moses Kuria takes centre stage.

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