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” I love motherhood..” Cardi B says as she wants more kids with Offset



On an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cardi B spilled the beans on her experience as a mother and how she loves it.

“I love everything about motherhood. I like everything, like, it’s just a different feeling,”

Cardi said.

She continues to add, that Baby Kulture is currently on a blocked nose and she still takes care of her, saying;

“I’m up all night. I’m sucking her boogers. I’m making sure that she’s breathing. I’m making sure she doesn’t suck on the pacifier with the nose and the stuffiness at the same time, It’s a lot, but I love everything.”

Cardi continues, saying Offset is an amazing dad and definitely wants more children with him though she’s not quite ready yet.

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“Yeah, I certainly want more,” she said. “I think, like, two more… But I don’t want one right now.”

Though they’re not actively trying, Cardi notes that “it could be a hit or miss.”

On questioning on Offset’s parenting to Kulture, she said,

“I’ve been seeing Offset being a dad — he already has three kids — so I fell in love the way that he was a dad already,

I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can have a little one with this guy. He’s really good.’”

Despite Offset’s parenting skills, which include changing diapers — Cardi thinks that, at the end of the day, Kulture is a mommy’s girl.

“I think she loves me a little bit more, but I think she’s just loyal to whoever gives her the milk,” Cardi exclaimed.