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Jailbird from Ugunda who stole gas lynched in Busia Kenya – Weekly Citizen




A man from Uganda who has been a jail bird for many years was lynched at Omeri estate in Busia, Kenya, when he was cornered by area residents after stealing a gas cylinder from one of the houses.

Area residents said the deceased was trying to run away with the gas cylinder when he was cornered by members of the public.

Eyewitness said the deceased who was in company of other people broke into the house at Omeri estate at midnight after taking advantage of a power blackout. They said the owner of the house who is a lady had left her 11-year-old sister alone in the house and had travelled to Kisumu.

One of the youth told Weekly Citizen that other suspects who were in company of the deceased ran away with goods they had stolen when power returned leaving him in the house before sensing danger.

It was claimed that the deceased wanted to rape the girl who was in the house but he was confused when power returned forcing him to run away with the gas cylinder when he was cornered by members of the public.

“The deceased wanted to rape the girl who was in the house but he was confused when power returned forcing him to run away with the gas cylinder before he was cornered by members of the public,” said John Okumu.

One lady from the neighbourhood said other suspects took away some property from the house, including a television set. The lady alleged the deceased was released from prison in Uganda only two days before he was arrested and lynched in Busia on the Kenyan side of the border town. Speaking to Weekly Citizen on condition of anonymity, the lady said the deceased was taken 100 metres from the compound where they had stolen goods before being lynched by members of the public.

The angry mob whose majority was youth attacked the thug with different weapons, including stones before eventually lynching him. Residents said they called the police and informed them about the incident but they declined to go to the scene that night until the next morning when they went to collect the body at around 10am.


Another resident said that lynching of the suspect will serve as a lesson to other Ugandans who have been terrorising area residents in the area at night, breaking into their houses and stealing their property.

He alleged that some Kenyans collude with their Ugandan friends before raiding people’s houses at night after noticing that there are no police patrols in the area.

Omeri estate is situated next to Kenya – Uganda border and harbours crooks who take advantage of the the insecurity and start raiding houses and smuggling of goods.

Last year, an administration police bodyguard of Busia deputy governor shot a man who had gone to steal goods from one of the houses in the compound where he lived. The administration police officer who was armed with a pistol pursued the thugs who had stolen electronic machines from his neighbour and managed to shoot one of them who died later on his way to Busia County Referral Hospital.

Sources said the suspects jumped over the perimeter wall and entered into the compound breaking into the house where they started removing electronic machines, passing them over to other colleagues who had remained outside.

The thieves stole everything from the house whose owner had left for Nairobi on official duty. The gangsters had continued striking daily until when they were confronted by the police officer.

Residents who live in the compound including a female MCA at Busia county assembly hailed the police officer for taking swift action to confront the criminals who had made them to have sleepless nights.

Insecurity in Omeri estate has made people to live in fear, forcing others to move to other estates within the town. Robbers had gone to an extent of even stealing from people’s houses during day time by climbing over roofs tearing iron sheets or cutting window grills.

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