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Ruto wants Kalonzo Prime Minister 2022 – Weekly Citizen




It is make or break for Kalonzo Musyoka; make if he makes sound timely and decisive political moves and break if he, as usual, dithers and fumbles until his political value depreciates and he becomes damaged goods to be disposed off at throwaway price after elections.

The former VP who has been in the political Siberia for eight years is now one of the most sought-after political players to strike coalition deals with. On the one side, Uhuru Kenyatta is going out of his way to woo Kalonzo to his side while on the other hand William Ruto is going out all broke to ensure that he has Kalonzo on his side.


As things stand, Kalonzo seems to imply that Uhuru’s is the buttered side even as most of his political base in Ukambani as a community feels Ruto’s side is the buttered one given that Ruto has made numerous trips in the region doing development projects and leaving the locals all smiles while Uhuru has not been to the region on development mission since election. What’s more? Talk that Uhuru is hellbent on succeeding himself as powerful prime minister is not working in favour of Kalonzo-Uhuru alliance as locals are of the view that Uhuru has become too unpopular to win even an MCA seat and so throwing their lot with him would be losing the race before it started.

It is against this background that many Kambas see their hopes of being in power in a Ruto-Kalonzo alliance. After having backed Raila Odinga for two elections which they say is like milking a bull, Kambas feel that it time to look for a new route to State House.


Indeed, none other than the Wiper party leader himself is leading the crafting a new alliance ahead of 2022 with focus now on populous Mount Kenya bloc. Kalonzo has severed links with the former prime minister and is now keen on building alliances with other political players now that he has realised winning with Raila has become near impossible. The Wiper party leader who is now 67 has remained in political margins since 2013 owing to his decision to back Raila is scheming to be on the winning side.

After the recent census that shows Kamba votes stand at over 2 million, it has dawned to all that the community is no longer a “top-up” of other’s baskets but is a basket in its own right. Another calculated move by Kalonzo is his backing of the BBI that amongst others seeks to expand the executive by creating more positions.


It was not lost to observers that Kalonzo was the first person to point out that the BBI report released at Bomas was “mean to the prime minister” and as such was supposed to be retouched to come up with a prime minister who was adequately bestowed with power to differentiate him or her from MP.

Those close to Kalonzo say he is eyeing either prime minister or presidency come 2022 and has formed a team of advisers to work out on the same. Once the BBI report is safely in place as law, it is said, it is when Kalonzo will show out his true colours and stake his claims to topmost seat or do political horse-trading with whoever will be in tandem to his interests.

The new Kalonzo power strategy team is led by Peter Muthoka. The tycoon who was the face of Jubilee in Ukambani since 2013 and helped in financing Jubilee activities in the region is now tilting towards Kalonzo and was introduced by Kalonzo to Ukambani leaders at a meeting held at his farm in Yatta last month.



The emergence of Muthoka in Kalonzo camp has neutralised the influence of former Machakos senator Johnson Muthama who had been Kalonzo financier and resources mobiliser. Muthoka is close to Uhuru and during at Kalonzo’s home in Yatta last month he promised to bankroll Kalonzo. To confirm that he is a force to reckon with in Ukambani politics Muthoka splashed over Sh7 million to leaders who attended the meeting including church bishops who graced the occasion.

The move by Kalonzo to bring on board Muthoka did not go down well with Muthama who was rooting for a Ruto-Kalonzo alliance. Those close to Kalonzo are of the opinion that Ruto should directly reach out to Kalonzo other than using Muthama.

The Ruto-Kalonzo talk has also the backing of MPs from Ukambani allied to Tanga Tanga. Those backing Ruto in the region and are hoping Kalonzo joins him for their survival include MPs Victor Munyaka of Machakos Town, Vincent Musyoka, Mwala, Nimrod Mbai, Kitui East and Fabian Kyule of Kangundo.

To prove that Kalonzo is keen on the outcome of the BBI, he has seconded a team of close allies and confidantes as members of the technical committee. The team of four members is led by Jackson Kalla.

The secret Kalonzo team is still working on modalities on either aligning himself with Mount Kenya ahead of 2022 or broker a deal with Ruto. Apart from technocrats the team has MPs loyal to Kalonzo and top clergy from the region who are working on his 2022 strategy. Muthama who has played key role in the last three elections has been left out in the team with Kalonzo now working with new faces.

The team has Muthoka as its patron. Muthoka and Muthama do not see-eye-to-eye since 2013 where each was leading different presidential campaigns. While Muthama was backing Raila for presidency including financing him, Muthoka was leading Uhuru’s machinery in the region.

Muthama’s fallout with Kalonzo is attributed to the fact that he has been working hard to have Kalonzo rally behind Raila as his running mate as opposed to the feeling of Kambas who have always demanded that Raila backs Kalonzo for the top seat.

On top of having a foothold in Central using Uhuru, Kalonzo is also working on other regions especially the Coast where he is now out to use his party chairman Ali Mwakwere to penetrate. It is actually said that another reason Ruto is finding Kalonzo appealing is the fact he can have him bag a sizeable coastal vote from the indigenous Mijikenda who are now rebelling against Ali Joho for sacrificing the city of Mombasa to Wabara by his support of to the law that goods from the port being transported on SGR and his support for inland port that has left Mombasa economically a shell.


In the Ruto-Kalonzo lineup, Agriculture minister Mwangi Kiunjuri is the vice president, Mwakwere deputy prime minister that will be under Kalonzo, Meru region is being offered the speaker’s position while Western has Ken Lusaka for one of the top positions either DPM or VC to woo the populous Bukusu vote most that went to Jubilee. Aden Duale is to be the State House Comptroller. Duale has himself said that he will run in elections but if Ruto wins the presidency, he will resign to go work at State House.

Kindiki Kithure is also being considered for a big seat to take care of Mt Kenya East.

Going by this, it would seem that BBI that Uhuru and Raila mooted to finish Ruto has become a double-edged sword that cuts both ways.

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