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Jowie’s only friend does the unthinkable for him on his birthday at Kamiti Prison



Get into trouble and see who sticks by you.

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie knows who his friends really are.

He is currently incarcerated at Kamiti Maximum Prison. Jowie, who is Jacque Maribe’s ex, is a prime suspect in the murder of slain businesswoman Monica Kimani was denied bail on October 30, by Justice James Wakiaga.

Very few of Jowie’s pals have shown up to support him until Joe Muchiri who showed up for the bail hearing a few weeks back. Jowie’s bail request was denied.

Jowie and Joe have been friends for a while now and have always been spotted clubbing together in joints around town.

The two were frequent attendees of the famous restaurant Jiweke Tavern and even created a WhatsApp group for those who frequent the place.

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Many have questioned why none of Jowie’s friends made any effort to attend court hearings or visit him in prison.

Seems fair weather friends were what Jowie had. When it rained, all of them scattered

Anyhow, Joe Muchiri visited Jowie at Kamiti.

“Not A Happy Birthday For Jowie ?. Sigh.”

He then tweeted:



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When Joe announced he was in Kamiti, his followers engaged him.

Check out how the conversation went.

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