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KenGen Ms Rebecca Miano among top 100 women CEOs in Africa



Ms Rebecca Miano. MD of KenGen

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC, (KenGen) Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Miano (OGW, MBS) prowess as a top leader as well as manager cannot be turned a blind eye on.

Recently the KenGen Managing Director Ms Rebecca Miano was listed in the top 100 ranking of Women CEO’s in Africa.

The Ranking was conducted by three PR firms. This ranking not only highlighted but also recognized the field of work in which the women CEOs have majored at. In total it selected 100 women who are from 24 countries located in the African continent.

The eligibility and merit for this ranking was based on the Geo-location of the business venture and the type of impact in which the leadership of the women bore for the local communities. The ranking focused on Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, Managing Directors and personalities mainly with executive roles in the businesses and organizations.

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Reset Global People in partnership with Pulse and PR Firm Avance Media recently released their inaugural list of Top 100 Women CEOs in Africa. These ranking acknowledged and appreciated women leaders who have introduced innovations which led to change in their various spheres of influence.

With representation from 24 countries, the list featured women who are noted to have broken the glass ceiling from across diverse sectors, making a name and case for women leaders from the African continent.

According to the Reset Global People, the idea of the ranking is based on the belief that recognition of excellence will bring competition which ultimately inspire drive for innovation.

Avance Media further stated that the ranking was aimed at recognizing peak women performers in the limitless business world across the vast continent of Africa through celebrating such excellent performance.

The ranking of top 100 Women CEOs considered four criteria: the size and importance of the woman-led business in the economy, the health and direction of the business, the arc of the woman’s career (résumé and runway ahead), and social and cultural influence.

Detailing the criteria used in curating the list, Prince Akpah, MD of Avance Media mentioned that the list highlights profit, impact and sustainability and the overall influence of the individual women over their sector, industry and community as a whole.

Kwame A. A. Opoku, CEO of Reset Global People, said that the nomination of these distinguished women was pursuant to their works and accomplishments as the leader of their team which continues to inspire the next generation of women CEOs in Africa and across the world in alignment with SDGs Goal 5 & 10 that emphasis on gender equality and reducing inequalities respectively.

Reset Global People also announced that it will be hosting the annual African Women CEOs Summit at Lagos, Nigeria in 2020.

Among the prominent listed women are Abiola Bawuah of the United Bank of Africa and Adjoa Kusiwaa Boateng of Micro Ensure 10.

Prominent women from East African companies CEOs featured in the list include Angela Ndambuki of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Carole Kariuki of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance; Diana Mulili of Msingi East Africa; Dr. Duanne Karusisi of the Bank of Kigali; Monica Musonda of Java Foods and Ms Rebecca Miano of KenGen.







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